200 ton asphalt construction site

President Tahmazoğlu visited the asphalt construction site, which was established by Şahinbey Municipality and will start production after approximately 15 days. We were producing and laying our asphalt through the companies through the procurement process. The lack of our own construction site was a shortcoming. First we made zoning arrangements in this region. Now in this area, we have established an asphalt construction site with a capacity of 200 tons per hour. Our plant, which was established with a very modern system, will start production in approximately 15 days. This is why we have to build the asphalt construction site of the municipalities must have asphalt construction site must have its own. In addition to this, Sahinbey opened many areas of zoning. Akkent and Mavikent neighborhoods, our new industrial site, Yeşilvadi site, in the south of Akkent Bağlarbaşı village in the upper part of the zoning area and we have opened many of our neighborhoods such as the water district, we will need asphalt. We have already set up our site to meet the needs of these regions. On the one hand, our contractor firm asphalt production and capital continues until the next year, on the other hand, we as the municipality of Sahinbey again, asphalt will continue to produce, we will continue. Thus, we will continue our asphalt work on two branches across the district. Our aim is to complete the asphalt of the roads including the asphalt renewal until the end of 2013 year. I wish our asphalt construction site to be beneficial to Gaziantep and Şahinbey. Iy

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