2. AK Party-CHP Partnership Held Again in Izmir

The AK Party and the CHP for the first time in a transportation project in Izmir 'partner' had been. Aliaga with 80-kilometer light rail between meander system, CHP İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and the AK Party Ministry of Transportation TCDD was launched as a joint production of the municipality and the government of Turkey's largest environmental project 'you can swim and livable Izmir Bay' for cooperation took the decision. The 10 billion dollar spending will deepen the water flowing from the Gulf's pollution, the next generation of deep water ships and anyone wishing to swim there.
Our city is our own
Izmir Bay's rescue projects related TC plaster arm for Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim, Izmir is one of Turkey's most authentic seaside town beliterek, "however many years Izmir failed to evaluate this potential adequately. First of all, we know how to remind you of the identity of our city as a sea city. This is only by investing in the sea, Bu he said. Yildirim said that Izmir identity could not be thought of as independent from its Mediterranean identity, and that the way to make Izmir an example city in every area of ​​life is largely remembering its seafarers' identity.
"Izmir is Turkey's gateway to the west of the Mediterranean's center of gravity, trade, culture and tourism are committed to making one of the metropolises. We move from the principle 'Our city is our own'. We know that the consciousness of being a city is in service to that city and we act accordingly.
The project will increase the number and variety of fish in the Gulf of Izmir again. This project will fill the fish in Izmir Bay. In addition to fishing, amateur and professional water sports and yachting will develop. With this project, we will ensure that the people of Izmir meet with the Gulf. Within the scope of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of İzmir Bay and İzmir Port Rehabilitation Project, drilling, soil survey and laboratory studies were completed.
Within the scope of the project, Izmir Port Rehabilitation has already rehabilitated the area of ​​30 thousand square meters. We have also ensured the connection of the viaduct feet to the port and strengthened the connection of the port as well as the highway connection. In the new silo quay, the improvement of the area of ​​50 thousand square meters was completed. When the Izmir Port Rehabilitation is completed, the value of İzmir Port will increase one more time. Currently, cargo ships on the 250 meter are unable to dock. With the completion of the rehabilitation, 350 meter long cargo ships will now be able to dock.
With the Izmir Port Rehabilitation, the port capacity will increase by 3. The port will be one of the world's first 50 ports and Europe's first 20 container port. Izmir Port will start to serve as the main port. İzmir Port will increase its revenues from 100 million dollars to 300 million dollars with its main port and capacity increasing. This is; It will provide great added value to İzmir, Aegean Region and our country's economy.
Within the scope of the project, facilities are provided to provide the treatment of waste water to the advanced treatment stage. We also scanned the creek mouths of the Gulf's northern shores. We'il clean the gulf by improving the water cycle. In this context, ecological life will come alive. Thanks to this project, amateur and professional water sports and yachting will develop. With this project, we will ensure that the people of Izmir meet with the Gulf.
Within the scope of EIA studies of the project, we have completed drilling and ground survey studies. A total of 75 marine drillings were made on the route of the Port Approach Channel, Stream Improvement Channel and Container Terminal. We have found that the Port Approach Channel and Stream Improvement Channels consist mainly of very soft-soft clay. He also completed laboratory work. Batimmetry and sea seismic works are about to be completed.
The revision and modernization works of the existing equipments are also continuing within the scope of the project. New equipment and infrastructure investments are rapidly realized. The automation of the port will also be finalized. The system will be put into service in a short time. The amount of investment made under this project is about 80 million pounds. Bu

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