Construction Center 50 8 project of over one million dollars

📩 25/11/2018 15:01

Deputy Chairman of the Contractors Turkey Emre Aykar Union, the European Construction Industry Federation late last month (FIEC) was one of the vice-president of the general assembly. This is an important development. Because the federation allocated to groups of countries Greece, Bulgaria and Malta in the same group with countries such as Cyprus did not afford to Turkey is not an EU member as vice president.

They fought for years on this issue and they have insisted that they take the board Aykar Turkey, he says that given the results of their work in the last General Assembly. Aykar said, “In contracting, we have reported our systems by saying who we are Malta, Greece who. At the general assembly held on June 8, they changed their regulations. Turkey away from the group that brought us to the point where it could take as vice president. Germany, France, Italy, Turkey has emerged as a group next president. This is a very important development. ”

The company has 50 project that builds more than 8 million dollars
• Morocco, Casablanca Tram System - 80 million Euros
• Algeria One-Touta Zeralda Railway - 230 million Euros
• Saudi Arabia Medina High Speed ​​Train Station - $ 440 million
Saudi Arabia Al-Nariyah Train Maintenance & Repair Workshop - 130 million dollars
• Ethiopia Awash-Weldiya Railway -1.7 billion dollars
• Irmak-Zonguldak Railway - 220 million Euros
• Highway Bosphorus Transition Project - 800 million dollars

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