Who released the crisis in Izban, who solved the crisis?

Unable to get results from the collective bargaining agreement in IZBAN, which carries 170 a thousand people a day, employees started an action at 06.00.

When the staff in the morning shift left work, Aliağa-Menderes flights could not be made, the citizens were directed to municipal buses.

The 13 machine, which was not scheduled, sent a mobile message of dismissal and the warning message was sent to those on the other shifts.

IZBAN Chairman İsmet Duman came to Izmir in the evening and seized the crisis and 20.00 staff worked outside the 13 machine.

The citizens of Izmir, yesterday, every day 170 thousand passengers by moving the traffic of the city began to shock the traffic in İZBAN. The State Railways and İzmir Metropolitan Municipality have a share of 50 shares of İZBAN A.Ş. While the first collective bargaining agreement between the railway and the Union of Labor Union could not be reached in the negotiations, the employees of the staff of İZBAN gathered in the garden of the General Directorate of İZBAN in Çiğli and took action. The trains did not work in the early morning while the mechanics were leaving the work, the citizens who came to the stations to go to their workplaces and schools were directed by the security officers to the municipal buses. 13, who joined the action by İZBAN officials in the morning, said to the mobile phone, leri You don't run the trains in the morning despite the warnings of illegal strike action. Your employment contract has been terminated without notice and without compensation b message has been sent. 13 07.30 20 machine will begin the task after the 20 machine, the warning message was sent. It was learned that some of the machinists did not participate in the action and were on the job. Meanwhile, the XNUMX mechanic was commissioned by the TCDD, who was also an instructor, who was also an instructor with an annual contract with the service tender except the permanent mechanic.


A group of employees decided to take action after months of collective bargaining involving 100 people working at İZBAN, 70 maintenance worker and 27 personnel working at İZBAN. Earlier women employees 197 day make-up, men, beard-dropping action, employees who can not get results from this action, this time gathered in the garden of the General Directorate of Izmit İZBAN. 15 people came together in the garden at 05.30 in the morning and met with officials for a while. Employees wanting them to give their petition to resign from the employees, then came to the entrance door made a press statement.

Selahattin Çetin, a train maintenance technician speaking on behalf of the group, said, kadar This situation has been reached by not presenting any offers to date. We did not want to do such an action, but we were forced to do so. Although we are all permanent staff, we receive a salary of 800 with 900, but retired from the State Railways and working at a subcontractor company, 16 receives an average salary of around 1800. Our demand was the equalization of salaries, but the authorities advised us to resign. If we do not get any results from the talks with our families in front of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will wait, "he said. After the announcement, the group lifted their resignation and held a protest.


In the afternoon, the group of employees of the 150 approached in front of the Metropolitan Municipality. İZBAN officials themselves, "13 will take back your friend, but you also end the action," claiming that the protest activists, "Our 13 friend and our salaries will be taken back until a clear figure is given," he said.

Meanwhile, Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu came to the headquarters of Çiğli in the morning due to the crisis, and he met with the General Manager of İZBAN, Sebahattin Eriş, Assistant General Manager Sönmez Alev and other officials. The General Directorate of ESHOT to increase the number of bus voyages instructing Kocaoğlu, then press members and employees without any explanation left the headquarters building. IZBAN Board of Directors meeting learned that if necessary 6 low capacity during the month of training and new mechanic training and the decision was made to not compromise the activists.
Following the hearing of the engineer crisis in İZBAN, TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman was granted with the order of Binali Yıldırım, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications. Karaman, 10 is in Ankara, 10 is the 3 in TCDD. In order to overcome the crisis, the 20 engineer in the Regional Directorate assigned a temporary duty in İZBAN. These machinists said that the trains carrying the passengers within the structure of TCDD will be transported by trains. In this way, the crisis will be tried to be overcome together with the 20 mechanic who used trains from Ankara and Istanbul and the XNUMX mechanic who didn't strike because of TCDD personnel. TCDD officials pointed out that İZBAN is an autonomous organization and added: ası We, as TCDD, have added equipment and personnel to İZBAN in order not to be the victims of Izmir.,


İZBAN Deputy Director General Sönmez Alev, how many employees do not know the action of the people of Izmir, such as bus, ferry, suggested that the lines. They said they would take measures to sustain the voyages without interrupting them, but that it would be a problem in the early days. Flame, the rest of the staff if they do not work all work if necessary, if necessary, will be abrogated because they do an illegal action, he said.

In the afternoon statement from İZBAN, it was stated that the troubles experienced were mostly eliminated. Following the commissioning of ESHOT buses, TCDD trains were put into operation on the line., Thanks to the work done and the measures taken, the operating rate increased to 75, while the number of trains on the line was increased to 12. On the other hand, in order for the train sets to move more intensively, ringing between Menemen and Aliağa was commissioned. Thanks to all the works, the train speed 15 was reduced to one minute per minute. Tüm

Eris: Flights back to normal

The crisis that broke out yesterday morning was resolved at the 20.00 ranks in the evening. In the morning, all the machinists in the evening came to work in the evening. 12 fell to the minute as the expedition interval was before the action again. İZBAN General Manager Sebahattin Eriş, vigilant mechanics said that all of the hours of duty to the beginning of any difficulties, he said.
On the other hand, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of İZBAN and the Assistant General Manager of TCDD İsmet Duman came to İzmir in the evening and confiscated the crisis. It was learned that the situation of whether the 13 mechanic could be recruited again because they did not come to the first time in the morning and today the Chairman of the Board İsmet Duman will attend the board meeting.

Ervüz: We apologize to the people of Izmir

Hüseyin Ervüz, Head of the Izmir Branch of Türk İş, said that all employees had returned to their jobs, except for the 13 who had been dismissed in the evening. Expressed their requests for re-employment to the board of directors of the 13 dismissed Ervüz said, işe At the moment our friends returned to their jobs. Everybody except 13 people started to work. Their situation will be discussed at the board meeting to be held today. Onların


Regarding the salaries of the workers, Ervüz said that after the board meeting to be held today, they thought that a proposal would be made. Bir In fact, the event had already developed outside us. Our friends had problems with salary barems. To overcome these difficulties, friends wanted to make a proposal. We expect a proposal from the Head Office. However, when the offers did not reach us, there was a problem. The collective agreement already went to the High Arbitral Tribunal. Our request is to catch the ground on a deal at the table. We apologize to all the people of Izmir for this distress. Bu

Source: Local Agenda

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