Üsküdar District, Harem District and Haydarpaşa Port Back Field Master Plan

Chamber of Architects Istanbul Metropolitan Branch, Chamber of Chamber of City Planners Istanbul Branch, United Transport Workers Union and Port-Business (Turkey Port and the Black unloading the shipment Workers Union) by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Assembly 25.11.2011 day and 2731 The lawsuit was filed with the request to stop and cancel the execution of the “Üsküdar District, Harem Region and Haydarpaşa Port Backyard 1/5000 Scale, 19.06.2012 Approval Date Master Plan”.

Istanbul's history, starting from the Ottoman Empire in the recent period has witnessed a very important event, entrance to Anatolia for many years-exit door was Haydarpaşa Train Station and the harbor, nowadays has a key function for a large passenger mass Istanbul transportation, for all of Turkey and It is a very important value with its international transportation function.

In this context, Haydarpaşa Train Station and Port Area and Backyard (Harem, Haydarpaşa and Kadıköy) is one of the most important focal points of the Istanbul Metropolitan Area in terms of its geographical location, transportation load (Harem Bus Station, Haydarpaşa Port, Seaways, Public Transport Stations and Haydarpaşa Station) and its current uses (historical center). Since the region is the most extreme lowering, loading and transfer point on the Anatolian Side, it is one of the two most central regions of the sea, land and rail transport between the two sides in the metropolitan area. Called the backspace of the Train Station and Port Area, located within the plan boundaries and Kadıköy The density of the sites is remarkable in the region, which includes some of the residential areas of the Central Region. When all these values ​​are brought together, it becomes necessary to "protect" Haydarpaşa Station and Port together with the Back Field.

Also; With the protocol dated November 30, 2007 between Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and General Directorate of State Railways Management, “The planning area consists of Haydarpaşa Train Station, Port and Backyard borders, and Üsküdar and Kadıköy It is located within the boundaries of the district. The Historic Peninsula, which has a planning and unity in terms of visual and historical identity, is Galata, Beyoğlu, Beşiktaş, KadıköyIs within the scope of Üsküdar and Selimiye regions. Located in the north of the Plan region l. Selimiye Barracks, which is the Army Command Headquarters, Marmara University Faculty of Medicine, Haydarpaşa Military Hospital, Gülhane Military Medical Academy and Haydarpaşa Station building constitute an important historical and holistic identity for the region. ” The importance of planning integrity and planning principles of this region, which is of great importance for values ​​and public benefit, is underlined.

In the light of all this information, as stated in the petition;
The “1/5000 scaled Harem Region and Haydarpaşa Port and Backyard Master Plan” subject to the judgment is contrary to the relevant planning technique, principles and legislation, the principle of equality in planning, and the superior public interest. It is a scientific and legal obligation to reconsider Haydarpaşa Railway Station and Backyard, including all of the Urban Site and interaction areas. Despite these realities and determinations, which are also mentioned in the plan report and the protocol, the Harem Area with the scale of 1/5000 and Haydarpaşa Port and Backyard Master Plan; With Haydarpaşa Train Station Kadıköy The planning area of ​​the Central Region has been detached from each other and the integrity of the region, and it has been suspended, and in an area that includes integrity in all aspects including property; “The evaluation of the Harem Region and Haydarpaşa Port and Backyard within the scope of a separate Master Plan is against the planning procedures and law and does not allow the plans to be evaluated in integrity.

The project area in question is completely public property. Due to the strategic importance of its location, the area must remain publicly owned. In this framework, TCDD should not transfer the ownership of the area for public benefit. This issue; In addition, the density data of the entire Istanbul and the Anatolian Side are also of great importance in the context of void-free textures and open space requirements. As the planning area remains publicly owned, a public open space approach should be adopted to serve the entire Istanbul metropolitan area and maximize social benefit, due to its historical, cultural, geographical and strategic importance. It will contribute to urban memory and keep it alive; It should also be designed and designed as an area that will highlight and protect the concept of industrial heritage and present it to the public in the best possible way. But; The only goal in this unfortunate planning operation that has been going on for nearly eight years has been to use the planning tool for the purpose of equipping this strategic historical and cultural area with functions that provide sales capability in the name of short-term economic interests only for Istanbul and Turkey, which are fully owned by TCDD and the treasury.

There is an extremely limited amount of open space in the region where the structure and population density have already exceeded the saturation point. In case of a disaster, saving Haydarpaşa area as a gathering and refuge point is of great importance for public interest and life safety. For this reason, it is necessary to keep the construction density in the area extremely limited and to preserve the public open space property. However, when the provisions of the plan are examined, it is seen that the Tourism Trade Sub-Region does not contain the functions and functions of the city and the region, but rather the complex functions which may be the subject of real estate investments and not the exact provisions. In sub-regions A and B, the height is given as the number of floors, but not in meters. In practice, it is a plan provision which can provide drawbacks in terms of silhouette and construction density.

All these issues, which are detailed and exemplified in the case petition, do not only reflect the contradiction between the plan report and the plan notes, but also contradict the relevant zoning laws and regulations, and the principles and law of urbanism, public tomorrow and established judicial decisions, public interest and safety. “Üsküdar District, Harem Region and Haydarpaşa Port Backyard 1/5000 scale, 19.06.2012 Approval Date Master Plan” in terms of reason, subject, purpose and content; planning, urbanism and planning techniques and principles; it carries contradiction to the principle of equality in planning and superior public tomorrow and contains material errors. In case of continuing the application, irreversible damages will be caused.

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