Dismissal of TÜVASAŞ General Manager İbrahim Ertiryaki

Yeni Sakarya Newspaper Zeki Aydıntepe he wrote the assignment. Evaluating the dismissal of “TÜVASAŞ General Manager İbrahim Ertiryaki” Aydıntepe see what drew attention.

While TÜVASAŞ General Manager İbrahim Ertiryaki was about to be dismissed a few years ago, he maintained his seat with an effective intervention AS

It was good too İyi

Because the beginning of the process that opened TÜVASAŞ to Europe took place after that Zira

After a hard but exciting work, it is difficult to explain the fact that General Manager Ertiryaki, who has a great tender of the Bulgarian Railways, won an undeniable exchange rate in our country, while also having a kurum Golden Years “in his institution, is waiting to be appreciated'n

Whatever the reason, it will not be easy to tell the people of Sakarya to dismiss such a successful general manager.

President Abdullah Gül waited for a while Cumhurbaşkanı

However, he had to submit to his own rules of politics and sign the dismissal.

Ibrahim Ertiryaki, such as the successful Adapazarlı a general director of the AK Party Provincial Organization and MPs who do not give the expected to remain in the classroom, the TÜVASAŞ a rounded.

In order to understand how pessimistic sensations are going to be carried out on TÜVASAŞ, I think we won't wait long.

Thus, the ruling party, who was left in the class from the first test, made a surprise assignment by bringing a name that no one had expected, with a second assignment order to the General Secretariat of the Public Hospitals Union.

Osman Nuri Dilek, who is expected to take office, gave the message “You stay in place” so that…

Here, the loss of Osman Nuri Dilek, not a person like him, to take charge of a duty of high responsibility to remain indifferent to the AK Party Sakarya Organization and MPs eden

It is not possible to be optimistic about these two appointments…

I want to be fooled İstiy

Let the arrivals do not look for things to come and do their duties properly Gelen

Wishing new appointees the convenience of their duties, the new crop from our Garden dile Narcissus lar when going; ler We are sending big cacti cacti s to the politicians who are indifferent to these appointments bu

Source: Çark News


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