Trade Unions Publish a Joint Statement on the Privatization of TCDD (Special News)

For the purpose of restructuring the TCDD, a draft law has been prepared under the name of liberalization under the name of temsil Privatization in and özelleştir Union te, gerçek Foundation adı and adı Association eyi representatives established in TCDD. TÜRK TRANSPORT-SEN, BTS, TRANSPORTATION-İŞ, DEÇEV, DEMARD, DEMOK, KAMU-ENDER, DEKAD, DEMMEGAD, DETEVAD, DEMKONDER and GIMDER The reports prepared and sent to the branches will be distributed to all TCDD employees.

Here's the paper:

Valuable Railways;
We are on the eve of a legal arrangement that will determine the fate and future of our Railways, the honorable selection of the 156 annually.

Transportation ; It is the engine power of economy, production and development of the country. Therefore. We know that JS6's history, experience and knowledge, cultural infrastructure, any changes to be made on its mission and vision are actually Privatization. For this reason, the Union established under TCDD. Foundation and Association
We came together as representatives.

Our aim is to contribute to the determination of the targets by shedding light on the future of our railways, the structural changes to be made, and to provide the infrastructure and technology that we all desire, away from prejudices.

As can be seen from the draft law prepared for the liberalization of railways;
This draft, called Freelance, aims at the liquidation and privatization of the public service.
The texts in the draft contain implicit and vague expressions, and emphasis is often placed on regulations, directives and communiqués that are not yet available.

The prediction in this draft is not sufficient for this planning to take place. No alternative and reliable resources have been established for investment. Therefore, it is far from sustainable.

The timing is wrong for this kind of change. The 8250km railway is a single line yet. What will TCDD, which cannot meet the demand in transportation with such infrastructure and technology, share with the private sector?

There is no provision in the draft to guarantee workers. By looking at the current practices, service procurement is going to be continued and people who are unsecured and cheap labor are targeted. A significant number of employees will be sent to the pool.

Political and bureaucratic interventions are also required to be legalized in this draft. Railways containing Industrial and Management qualifications will not bring any projects to life. The Minister is the only determinant.
The limitation of the Treasury and Treasury subsidies to 5 annual periods does not even fit the 2023 target of the current political power. However, in the countries aiming to restructure this period, there are minimum 10 year and Private Sector representatives. However, no representative is mentioned on behalf of the Ministry in the committees to be established. The draft dictates and eliminates private sector investments.

Again, in the draft, there is no demand for authorization for the employees working in the heavy industry to open the path of the team in order to promote business risk, wear and efficiency. It is requested to increase the pension bonus up to 30% only to encourage retirement. In the draft law, the organization and organization schemes are not clear. These powers are left to the Institutions.

Valuable Railways;
When we look at what is done in our organization, 5000 is operated through service procurement. In order to provide qualified personnel to the private sector, the employment path was opened in the status of workers, all kinds of training and courses were provided by the institution, the ports were privatized and the hospitals were transferred. The private sector has already achieved an advantage over railways with its own wagons. As a result of the closure of the stations and stations, there has been an increase in fatal and negative accidents due to long distance train meetings and passenger trains serving for years have been removed from the service. Our commercial speed is gradually decreasing in outline trains. TCDD Vocational High School and Practical Art Schools were closed. Private sector is not the burden of sharing the blessing is wanted.

As Railway Workers and Representatives, we would like to inform you that we will support any initiative to be made in favor of railways and in favor of employees, and we will stand against all kinds of negativities against our employees and employees with the same sensitivity.

For this purpose, we would like to announce that we will give all kinds of struggle together in order to change the issues that we have identified and to remove our reservations. Our struggle will continue in every platform where the draft is discussed and our demands will be shared with the public massively.

Source: Trade Unions


Günceleme: 25/11/2018 14:40

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