Konya's first tram will arrive after 480 days

The 60 company participated in the tender for the 6 tram with the Metropolitan Municipality, while the tender bids of the companies will be valid for 180 calendar days, ie during the 3 month. Metropolitan delivery time of tram According to the tender specifications published by the Municipality of the following: Delivery place: Konya / is Turkey, trolley cars DDU (Incoterms 2010) in accordance with the terms and conditions of Sakarya district of Konya Rail System Workshop Istanbul / Turkey will be delivered on rail address. Delivery dates: a) 1080 (thousand eighty) calendar days following the signing of the contract. b) 1 (one) low-based tramway vehicle within the 480 (four hundred eighty) calendar days from the date of commencement of work, c) for the remaining tramway vehicles within the duration of the work; not less than the monthly 3 tramway vehicle, the contractor will deliver the vehicles after the contractor has approved the delivery program. d) Spare parts and deray equipment shall be made with the delivery of the first tramway vehicle.

Source : http://www.memleket.com.tr

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