Burnt Villagers Chased Quarry Officials in Village Square

The company was confused when the company officials who came to the village for the EIA informative meeting planned for the quarry that was planned to be re-opened in the Sapanca District of Sakarya, Sakarya. When the residents of the village chased the officials in the village square, the gendarmerie teams barely calmed the villagers.

A meeting was held for the opening of the quarry, which has been on the agenda for a month, in the Yanık Village of Sapanca District. For the meeting, Sakarya Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization Mustafa Yılmaz, Sapanca Deputy Mayor Hayati Arıcı, Sapanca District Governor Osman Sarı, CHP Provincial Council Member Ahmet Uzun and the managers of the Mitto Company, which will build the quarry, came to Yanıkköy. During the meetings held 10 days ago, while the village coffeehouse was chosen for the EIA meeting, the delegation who came to the village saw that the coffeehouse was closed. The delegation wanted to hold the meeting in the square, while it was stated that it was not agreed with the owner of the coffee shop.

However, the residents of the village did not allow the protest. Meanwhile, the public officials came to the village TCDD officer revealed that the public response grew even more. Fired by angry people, the company officials could barely get into their cars.

The gendarmerie stopped the villagers chasing the car. The delegation in the village left after the company officials, Sapanca District Governor Osman Sarı said goodbye to Muhtar Sibel Baykal, We are with you, we will do our best.

District Governor was sent off with yellow applause Muhtar Sibel Baykal also read the minutes of the company officials kept the situation assessment. After the speech, residents continued their protests.

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