Statement by TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman at the 1st International Rail Systems Engineering Workshop

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) General Director Süleyman Karaman, "everywhere in the 600 kilometers in diameter, to ensure that our high-speed train daily to prevent migration of trips," he said.

Karaman said, “1. He told reporters in Karabük that he came for the "International Rail Systems Engineering Workshop," saying that the trains run on electricity and therefore do not pollute the air.

Expressing that railways are very meticulous about air pollution, Karaman said, “There will be air sales in the future, that is, countries with dirty air will pay money to countries with clean air. It will also contribute to the railways. Now it is an imaginary situation, but it will be in the future. ”

In a study conducted, where 98 percent of people in Turkey like the railways but stressed it appear that use of 2 percent Karaman, said:

“This was a contrast and we started investing to change it. Our goal was to bring high-speed trains to Turkey in 2008-2009, we achieved it. Turkey, the world makes fast train operations 8, 6th country in Europe. Our objectives in parallel with Turkey's goal. Turkey was aiming to enter the top 2023 in the world in terms of development in 10. We conjunction with the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey we want our country to enter the top 10 in the world. We did it on the high-speed train. We are also good at rail production. Currently, there are 7 rail producers in the world, one of which is Karabük Iron and Steel Factories (KARDEMİR). We are also in the top 10 in wheel and signalization. A high speed train factory is being built in Adapazarı, and we will be among the top 10 in high speed train production. ”

Karaman, 10 thousand kilometer-high speed line and 4 thousand kilometers by constructing a conventional line, to bring the cities closer together, stating that the goals, said:

“We will try to prevent migration by making daily trips every 600 kilometers in diameter. Our high-speed trains prevent migration. An Eskişehir student who is now studying in Ankara does not move his house. He can go and go every day. This is also the case in Konya. We want to achieve this in our country. In addition, new stations will be made. In addition, loading and unloading stations in the city centers will be moved outside the city. We work day and night for these goals. We are very good at high speed train in our region. ”

- “We will establish a 'rail test station' in Karabük” -

High-speed train technology in Turkey gave support to the countries of the region noted that Karaman, said in a company to be established in the country will establish the high-speed train system. Karaman said, “We will establish a 'Ray test station' in Karabük. In this test center, we will test many parts produced in our country. We will confirm the quality of these produced here. This test center will meet the needs of not only our country but also the surrounding countries. ”

Karaman stressed that the railways would be cheaper than the highway and added that they would follow the price policy by quality and distance.

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