TCDD General Manager We are looking for 'babayiğit' for Karaman Railways

TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman stated that the private sector, such as airlines, would also consider railway operations, and added, gibi We aim to create a new culture. We're looking for babayiğit that we are in this business, Biz he said.

After the local car brand 'railroads' is also wanted for 'babayiğit'. The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) General Director Süleyman Karaman, the private sector has called for the privatization of the railways, "We aim to create a new railway culture. We're looking for babayiğit that we are in this business, Biz he said. Karaman, who has made explanations on many subjects from railway culture to high-speed train lines, said:

Now there is Istanbul

“Stayed a year. Ankara-Istanbul YHT (High-speed train) and Marmaray 30 are opening in September. Now there is Istanbul. Eskişehir and Konya have become accustomed to the high-speed train. We're taking non-private agents. Railways have been neglected for sixty years. Other sectors advanced. In other modes of transport, the private sector has a weight. The Turkish private sector could not think that our government would care about the railways, would make it a state policy, and the railway industry would be formed. She couldn't even dream. Al
Regarding the railway, Karaman said the state went ahead of the private sector. Karaman, TBM our ministry sent the law to the Parliament. If it passes through the Parliament, there is a short transition period. Thus, the lines will be opened to private sector management. We are waiting. B

There will be mental change

Karaman said that this situation will affect the railways positively. Just like the airways. Secondly, a new railway transportation culture will emerge from employment to new technologies, from business to education. Every innovation in the world is a reaction to every new application. Railways are sold, there is a team of news that is being privatized. No original lining. The railway is here. Only those carrying the conditions of operation, renting from the line will give the right to business administration. We will operate both as a state and we are looking for babayiğit in this business. "

If the customer does not have a TRUST

Süleyman Karaman, who noted that 'TURKTREN' exists if the CUSTOMER does not, said, “State operator. Like Turkish Airlines. We continue on our way. Law and structural change are necessary for railways to stand up. Railways suffered enough both at the same time, infrastructure investment and management.

We will be credited from anywhere

TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman stated that the 2023 and 2035 targets were as follows: We're out of discussions. To date, who has invested a lot on railways, have served as a debt of our thanks. In that debate (the era of Atatürk), something was confused. Railways do not separate periods according to presidents. It allocates the railway as a priority transportation policy or neglected. We have spent the unpaid money to compensate for the lost years of the railways. We don't want to be neglected anymore. Both railroads from each institution will have invested in Turkey. The investment allowance, which is the right of the railways for sixty years, was given to other places. Therefore, we will receive from anywhere.

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