Vatmen will speak English in Taksim

📩 22/10/2012 15:02

Çiğit in our country is the home type of the dominant type. Research conducted, their wives types in Turkey in the form 60% of the core family type, shows that out of this figure. This rate of growth toward the Clutter said that the city's population in Turkey that show parallels with the urban society is not yet. The modern atomic nucleus is one of the dominant sociological characteristics of the family type industrialized societies. Modern core line type operation It is ideally suited to meet all the needs of its society. The godfather does not have a structure that can stretch in line with this requirement. The modern atomic nucleus snow has economic and geographic land-bond flexibility, and members of the family acquire their status through their inherent techniques and abilities, not their families, as in the motherly voluminous family. The fact that the seed family is not a construction worthy of establishment, as in the extended family, makes it proportional to the industrial society where production takes place in factories or small and consistent clan enterprises. however, many families have the characteristics that can meet the needs of the rural society or in other words the agricultural society. The nuclear profit structure even has the feature of occupying the people's violation of the principles and principles, which are essential to the sand through feudal relations. Because those who cannot violate the rules, laws and principles with the support of the big hearth will have to comply with them. It is precisely at this point that other 'families' such as system organizations, unions and associations emerge. It is not futile for people speaking in the name of these organizations to resort to metaphors as much as 'we are a family' by referring to all their members. The atomic nucleus family is not only in the sense of production, but probably yet more importantly, its structure is the ultimate in consumption habits of the operating society. The modern seed family structure with zero capabilities such as producing within itself and meeting their own needs through this production is, as can be expected, a structure that is extremely good for these consumption habits. An informal serious feature of the modern cull family is that, as expected, the urban or urban family. Modern atomic nucleus family members' communication with each other and with other people, the conditions of the housing, the housing and the external layout of the dwelling shows completely urban features. social successes and kinship relations in the comfortable family, while family history floor, the personal success in contemporary cigant families is yet to come to the fore. they are still greatly affected by the family. one of the important effects of the current atomic nucleus family on the science of education is to gain social sex roles for children. Gender is the way in which social fabric identifies women and men. Attitudes, behaviors, hopes and responsibilities are defined and accepted for the person and the person in the social fabric. Social gender does not occur in the birth of the mother. it is gained in the age and determined by chance and coincidental zero (training) experience. gender can be shaped and traded with the traditions, customs and habits of the social fabric that is experienced in contrast to gender, which is a biological concept.

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