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Balcova Cable Car
Balcova Cable Car

After a long and tiring marathon, the tender for the Cable Car Facilities in Balçova, which turned into a snake story in Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, remained with STM Sistem Teleferik Montage ve Turizm A.Ş. After the 14th Administrative Court of Ankara stopped the 'cancellation' decision of the KİK in February 2012, in the tender for the "Renewal and Construction of Balçova Cable Car Facilities"; The Public Procurement Authority told the Metropolitan Municipality 'implement the court decision'.

The Metropolitan Municipality canceled the fourth and last tender for which it received bids on April 7. Then, in line with the court decision, he invited STM to sign a contract recently. All eyes are now on STM. If nothing goes wrong, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and STM will sign a contract in the coming days. Afterwards, the works at the facility, which was closed in 2007 upon the report of the Izmir Branch of the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers that there was no 'life safety', will start again after about 5 years.


The tender, which provided the exit of Balçova Hill, which has the most beautiful view of İzmir and which was closed for 5 years, has been concluded with the modern technology. The tender for the construction of the facilities resulted in a long and exhausting marathon of about 5 years.

Ups and downs planned for 2 thousand 400 people per hour

With the new system to be installed at Balçova Ropeway Facilities, the output capacity of the 400 will be increased to 2 thousand 400 per hour. Thus the total annual capacity 300-500 will increase to a thousand persons. The old four-seater passenger cabins will be replaced by 600 cabinets. In the new ropeway line, the automation system stops the cabs automatically and immediately interferes. The ticket halls at the entrance of the facility will be renewed within the scope of the tender. Studies will be completed in a year.

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