Turkey Wagon Industry Co. Fixed Sport - Tying Sportu - Cover - Transverse Beam (13 Pen) Recruitment Tender

File Number: 20120850
Tender Registration number: 2012 / 151565
1- Administration
b) Telephone and fax number: 264 2751660 - 264 2751679
c) e-mail address: satinalma@tuvasas.com.tr.
2 aleDelivery of Goods
a) Qualification, type and quantity: PROCUREMENT - OPEN TENDER - TOTAL: 360
b) Place of Delivery: TÜVASAŞ / ADAPAZARI
3 - Tender
b) Date and time: 22 / 10 / 2012 - 14: 00
4 - Requirements for participation in the tender and the required documents and the criteria to be applied in the assessment of competence:
4.1 - Terms and conditions of participation in the tender:
4.1.1. Address for the notification and also the contact telephone and fax number and e-mail address,
4.1.2. The Chamber of Commerce and / or the Chamber of Industry or the Chamber of Profession, as required by the legislation; In the case of a real person, the first announcement or tender date taken in the
document, which is registered in the Chamber of Commerce and / or Industry or the relevant Professional Chamber, In the case of a legal person, the legal entity is registered in the register of the legal entity and / or
In the year in which the first proclamation or tender date is taken from the Chamber of Industry, it is registered to the registry of the legal entity.
document that
4.1.3. Signature declaration or signature circular indicating that it is authorized to bid; In case of a real person, then notarized signature Declaration, In the case of a legal entity, it is the legal entity of its members, members or founders of a legal entity.
indicates the latest status indicating the persons in charge of the management of the Trade Registry Gazette or these matters
the legal person who authorized signatures notarized documents, Turkey Trade Registry Gazette Regulations of 9
Within the framework of the provision in article no; Newspaper Administration Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey to the Union or
through the Trade Registry Gazette issued to the tenderers as Gaz the same as the original ekl by the affiliated chambers.
notarized copies of these are also accepted.
4.1.4. TÜVASAŞ On Procurement of Goods Tender Procedure Type Administrative Specification 9 No. (Tender)
(a), (b), (c), (d), (e), (f), (g) and 10 (reasons for exclusion)
(a), (b), (c), (d), (e), (g) written in the cases referred to in the written commitment,
4.1.5. The form and content of the tender letter set out in the Administrative Specifications,
4.1.6. The form and content of the preliminary guarantee specified in the Administrative Specification,
4.1.7. the whole work subject to the tender will be done by the contractor.
4.1.8. Proof of purchase of the tender document,
4.1.9. The bidder who participates in the tender is entitled to return the offer,
avoiding the signing of the contract, TÜVASAŞ,
34 does not complete the necessary procedures for the entry into force of the contract as specified in Article 10.
In the case of article 31.2 and the conditions specified in XNUMX, the bid bond of the tenderer shall be recorded as revenue. un
read the provision in the form of, understand the unconditional and unconditionally accepting the commitment,
4.1.10. Declaration on the legal entities in which it is a partner or shareholder.
4.1.11. 4.1.12 commitment to accept and commit to comply with all the provisions of the Administrative Specification. In case of participation to the tenderer, the person participating in the name of the tenderer shall be notarized to participate in the tender.
Notarized signature declaration with a power of attorney,
5- The most advantageous (economically) best offer will be determined on the lowest price basis.
6- Only domestic tenderers can participate in this tender.
7- Procurement document TÜVASAŞ General Directorate - Purchasing and Trade Department - Research and
Tender Preparation Branch Directorate / ADAPAZARI and can be seen at 25,00-TL. money at the same address
available. Those who are required to submit bids to purchase the tender document.
8- Tenders until the date and time of tendering of the General Directorate of TÜVASAŞ - General Document Chief / ADAPAZARI
or sent via registered mail.
9- PROPOSAL: TÜVASAŞ will be given in accordance with the Letter of Bid. CONTRACT: TÜVASAŞ Type
contract will be arranged in accordance with the example of the contract.
10- In this tender, partial offer cannot be given.
11- There will be no alternative bids in this tender.
12- Bidders are obliged to determine the amount of the bid that is not less than% 3 of the bid price.
Will give.
13- The validity period of the bids must be at least 90 calendar days from the tender date.
14- Offer can not be offered as joint venture.
15- Our Administration is subject to the laws of 4734 and 4735 except for the prohibition clauses of the tender and tenders
It is not.

Source: Tüvasaş

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