High-Speed ​​Train Projects - Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train line

It is a high-speed train line between Ankara and Istanbul, where the Ankara-Eskişehir stage is completed. 523 Km. even the voyage is expected to take 3 hours. Even the high-speed train 250 that will run will move at a speed of Km / h. The arrival date of the high speed train to Istanbul is planned as 29 October 2013. The same day, the opening of Marmaray is planned.

Construction of the next line for Eskişehir via Istanbula is continuing rapidly and the railway traffic between Gebze-Köseköy and Köseköy-Arifiye has been closed and rail dismantling has started. Therefore, all intercity passenger and freight trains departing from Haydarpaşa have been canceled and only Haydarpaşa - Gebze commuter line is in operation.

Ankara - Istanbul high speed train line construction
Line Section Length (km) Start / end datei
Ankara - Sincan 24 High speed train lines will be added to the existing lines between Ankara and Sincan.
Sincan - Esenkent 15 2008-2010 The existing lines between Sincan and Esenkent were used until the high-speed train line was completed.
Esenkent - Eskisehir 206 2004-2009 Art structures: 2 highway bridge and 30 highway overpass, 7 railway bridge and 13 bridge. 4 viaduct (more than 4 km) and 1 tunnel (471 m).
The first test drive was April 2007.
Eskisehir station 3.4 km 2008 In order not to cause traffic congestion in Eskişehir, the line passing through the tunnel was planned. The 2240 m will include open-close tunnel and 1151 m U open tunnel, 2 high-speed train line, 2 conventional train line and 1 load line.
Eskisehir - Inonu 30 2008-2013 (estimated)
Inonu - Vezirhan 54 2008-2013 (estimated)
View Vezirhan's Full Profile 104 2008-2013 (estimated)
Köseköy - Gebze 56 2. phase
Gebze - Haydarpasa (Istanbul) 44 The last section of Gebze to Istanbul will be under Marmaray.

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