Second Abdulhamid's Hejaz Railway Project

hicaz railways
hicaz railways

According to Sultan Abdulhamid II, who said için My old dream için for Hicaz Railway, this project would have many material and spiritual services. “The pilgrimage will be facilitated,, 18 would be brought to the day as a round trip between Damascus and Mecca, including the months of pilgrimage and the performance of the pilgrimage.

Ömer Faruk Yılmaz's book, “Sultan Hejaz Railway Project of Sultan Abdülhamid II çıktı was published by Çamlıca Yayın Yayın. This work, prepared by selecting from thousands of photographs, maps and documents, reveals how strategic and forward-looking the services rendered by Abdulhamid Khan.

Throughout history, people have made many inventions to make transportation and shipping faster and easier. The most important of these inventions, which provides the transportation business more quickly, is the invention of the wheel. Then, with the combination of the wheel with the machine and the engine, the distances were shortened, and both human and commercial relations between distant geographical regions increased rapidly. This increase brought with it more activity and trade. The railways provided the most serious convenience to some nations who used this development and trade for the purpose of establishing a colonial domination.

It is known that before the steam railway operation in the world, non-motorized wagons working with the rail system were used in various mines. With the invention of the steam engine, the face of rail transport also changed. The development of the railway showed differences between regions in the world. Although it developed more rapidly in areas where the industry was advanced, it developed more slowly and even decades later in regions where the land conditions were difficult and economic opportunities were limited. In addition, it is seen that the railway in the exploited lands, as a means of exploitation, was built and operated by the states that exploited these lands.

For example, the railways established in India as a result of the activities of private companies with the support of the British government opened the Indian geography to the British capital, even to its most remote corners. The development of railways has led to the beginning of a new era in terms of world history, even if it is for the purpose of colonialism, reconstruction or economic welfare.

The Ottoman Empire served the people of the region

The First Railways in the Ottoman Empire The Ottoman Empire never took part in the colonial activities carried out by other states in the face of rapidly changing world conditions, and always endeavored to continue the lives of the communities under its rule in peace. The economic life of the Ottoman Empire was also affected by the colonial states' processing of cheap raw materials they obtained from their colonies with the help of slaves and cheap labor force, and the state faced a great depression. While the colonial powers were able to achieve a good and service at almost zero cost thanks to cheap people, labor and raw materials, the states and nations that were trying to give their labor and raw materials their due, faced economic crises.

According to Sultan Abdulhamid II, who said "It is my old dream" for the Hejaz Railway, this project would have many material and spiritual services. "The pilgrimage would be made easier," and the month-long pilgrimage would be reduced to 18 days as a round trip between Damascus and Mecca, including the fulfillment of the pilgrimage obligation. With the connection of the railway to Jeddah, it would be easy to reach anywhere in the world by sea. In addition, it would be much easier for the state to strengthen the liaison between Muslims and to provide security more quickly and stronger.

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