The Chinese awarded the tender for 5 Rail System vehicles of Samsun. kazanoutside

5 company from Spain, Poland and China participated in the tender for the purchase of the 3 light rail system vehicle of the Samsun Metropolitan Municipality.

While CAF from Spain, PESA from Poland and CNR from the People's Republic of China participated in the tender, CNR Co, the firm of the People's Republic of China, which gave the lowest bid in the tender, started to sell the Rail System Vehicle after the tender commission examined whether the technical qualification conditions were met. right kazanwill ache.

According to the Technical Specifications, 40-44 meters of 5 pieces of trolley should be purchased and the first vehicle must be delivered in 12 months. As is known, the current length of the 16 tramway in the Samsun Light Rail System is 32 meters.

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