5 light rail system vehicle purchase tender was held in Samsun

On 25.09.2012, 5 light rail vehicle purchase was performed at 3: 14 with the participation of 00 company.

CAF (Spain), PESA (Poland) and CNR (China) companies participated in the tender and CNR (Tangshan Railway Vehicle Co., LTD) from the People's Republic of China was the lowest bidder in the tender. Following the examination of the technical qualification requirements by the tender commission, the result of the tender will be announced.

According to the Technical Specifications, 40-44 meters of 5 pieces of trolley should be purchased and the first vehicle must be delivered in 12 months. As is known, the current length of the 16 tramway in the Samsun Light Rail System is 32 meters.

Source : www.samsun.bel.t is

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