Rector Uysal evaluated the workshop and its results

Karabük University (KBU) Rector. Dr. Dr. Burhanettin Uysal, 11-13 October 2012 1.International Rail Systems Engineering Workshop held by the University of Karabük and the results of the first evaluated.

Rector of Karabuk University (KBU) Dr. Burhanettin Uysal, academicians who participated in national and international academic activities for three days, especially TCDD, TULOMSAŞ, TUVASAŞ, TUDEMSAŞ, İstanbul Transportation, Kayseri Transportation, Estram, Durmazlar A.Ş., KARDEMİR A.Ş., representatives of public and private sectors, organizations such as Railway Transport Association and Rayder evaluated the 1.International Rail Systems Engineering Workshop and its results with the participation of Eskişehir and Anatolian Rail Systems Clusters. Rector Uysal stated that for the first time all relevant parties have come together focusing on the same goal and that the planned projects have been shared with the public for the first time with this workshop. In addition to more than seventy scientific papers presented by expert academic and technical personnel, Rector Uysal the panel is organized in our country is increasing investment in the Rail Systems in domestic production and increasing the rate of growth Rail voiced the necessity of having a say in the market of industrial production in Turkey, he said. Rector Uysal said, “In the opening speeches of TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman, the statements made by TCDD regarding the state of the current Rail Systems investments and the targets of TCDD in the future have been important in terms of motivating all sector representatives and revealing the determination of our state in this field. Mr. Karaman also emphasized that the progress in the field of rail systems cannot be realized without the education dimension, and expressed his appreciation for the work of our university, which started to train engineers and intermediate staff in this field and supported these studies. Also Rail Systems of an important issue in Turkey-based test platform and also the necessity of the laboratory stressed Mr. Karaman, TCDD of Turkey and its immediate surroundings will be established at Karabük University single rail wear and 5 kilometers to do the mechanical test 'Ray Test Road' platform of six months We were delighted to announce that they planned to be finished in. ”

Turkey's only domestic rail producer, Kardemir Inc. General Manager Fadil Demirel Bey also gave place to the description Rector Uysal, Kardemir A.Ş., they started new projects and hardened recently mushroom rails also produce they and In addition, Demirel stated that other production projects, especially wheels and wagons, are in the process of being completed, and that the railroad test platform where the rails produced at KARDEMİR A.Ş. will be tested is considered as a necessary, appropriate and strategic investment in this respect. In addition to this rail test platform of Karabuk University, it is planning to build a second test platform of approximately 20 kilometers, Rail Systems vehicle dynamic, mechanical and stability test platform and it is possible to test high speed train vehicles in this second test platform. He indicated. Anadolu and Eskişehir Rail Systems Cluster and other private enterprise companies Durmazlar Inc., Bozankaya Inc. Uysal stated that the issue of indigenization in Rail Systems was discussed in detail at the Indigenization Panel in Rail Systems, attended by participants from ABB Turkey and representatives of the Railway Transporters Association, and said, “It is understood that our state's choice of at least 51 percent domestic production in Rail Systems investments will accelerate the Rail Systems production investments in our country, and if it is evaluated well, the next 20- In the 30-year vision, the Rail Systems investment, production, test and employment market size in Turkey will exceed 800 billion dollars and will make great contributions to reducing unemployment by creating an additional million 500 thousand jobs. At Karabuk University, rail systems technology; We opened Turkey's first Rail Systems Engineering Department in 2011 within the Faculty of Engineering of Karabuk University in order to meet the need for trained technical personnel in this field in order to ensure that it is more efficient, faster, more economical and sustainable in parallel with its development worldwide. We recruited 2011 students in the 2012-97 academic year and 2012 students in the 2013-132 academic year. Based on the results of this workshop, we see that; Our university has made the right decision by foreseeing the future in rail systems, which has a very important place today and in the future. The large-scale participation in this workshop, which was organized for the first time by Karabuk University, has once again revealed the place and importance of this subject in the rapidly developing world and in our country. This shows us that as a university, we will produce added value for our country by undertaking important tasks in the field of Rail Systems, which has a very important place in the future of our country. During the workshop, as Karabük University, cooperation protocols were signed with most companies on the internship, application and employment of our students. The workshop, which was held with the participation and interest of the public and private sectors, contributed to the strategic goals of our country as a strategic working platform. It has come to the fore among the other topics discussed and scientific studies presented. In this context, as the first engineers of our country in this field, the Rail Systems engineers, which Karabük University started to train, will contribute greatly to meeting the need for engineers in the field of Rail Systems and encouraging companies that want to make a production breakthrough. The workshop was very productive in terms of its results. it will bring kazanI wish my work to be beneficial to Karabük University, Karabük and our country, and thank the public and private sector organizations and representatives, academics, who contributed to the workshop. I invite the whole industry to the 2013nd International Rail Systems Engineering Workshop that we will organize in 2”.

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