Rail System Relieves Transportation in Gaziantep

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, which brought a new breath to Gaziantep traffic, continues to add new stages to the Light Rail System transportation launched last season. The municipality, which aims to solve the problem in many regions, especially in the heavy traffic areas of the city, started to carry passengers in the second stage of Karataş line.

2011 Light Rail System 2 started construction in June. Etap Karatas Line, 16 September 2012'den Akkent neighborhood-Gar was put into service between.

1, which was completed by the Department of Science Affairs and started to carry passengers in 2011 March 1. The total length of the line, which is the continuation of the Phase Rail System, was 6 kilometers. Karataş stage of the light rail system in the city with the length of the 15 kilometers before the 21 reached the kilometer.

Gaziantep, the people of contemporary, comfortable, fast and economic transportation solutions that work to provide the Mayor Dr. Asim Guzelbey, “2011, which we founded in June 2. We have completed the Etap Karataş Line in the shortest time possible as in our other projects. We have completed the test drives of the stage, which we completed in a very short period of a year, along with this project, we ensure that around 300 thousand people living in the Karataş Region can easily reach our city center Bir.


Güzelbey, “2. 3. We also made the planning of the stage, we have recently announced at the launch meeting of the new route Ibrahim said. We were always saying this when the first step of the tram; we are making the body at first. One of them is Karataş, the other is İbrahimli, the other is GATEM, KÜSGET, Gazikent. If we count the İbrahimli line, which we do now, the total line is 27. We are now constructing a 55 tram line including storage areas. If you compare this to other cities, we see that Adana has an 17 kilometer and Istanbul has an 125 kilometer. Compared to this, our line length is a very good figure for Gaziantep is more comfortable to understand, Bu he said.

'We will try to finish the work we have until next year with İbrahimli,' said Mayor Güzelbey, ac We want Gaziantep to be the cheapest city in transportation. Because we want our city to be a center of attraction for students, officers, low income, in short for everyone.,

Rail System 2. Hasan Kömürcü, Head of Transportation and Rail Systems Department, who provided technical information about Etap Karataş Project, said, “6 platform is located on our 7 kilometer. 1. The total number of stops was 13 with the 20 stall in the stage. With the 15 vehicle, the rail system and the citizens can take the distance between Akkent-Gar and 45 in minutes. Ğ

Hasan Kömürcü stated that he was driving a vehicle every minute in 12 from Karataş. We are planning to finish our expedition by starting the first passenger transportation hour at 12 and carrying the last passenger at 06.24 in the morning. The second phase of Akkent-University provided a great deal of relief for our students studying at the University of Gaziantep with the residents of Karataş.

Karatas 2. Hüseyin Sülü, Head of Science Department, stated that they have made a new production within the scope of Stage Light Rail System work and said, Fen We took all electric poles in the rail system route underground. All horizontal and vertical elevations were arranged by our teams and we renewed the asphalt. Taki

Meanwhile, the citizens, Karatas 2. In order to provide access to the Stage Rail System route, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Transportation and Rail Systems Department will organize ring service from the Beşyüzevler, Yeditepe, Burç crossroad to Gaziantep University stop.

Source: Gaziantep.tv

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