Rail Transport in Istanbul and Current Rail System Network

Considering the fact that İstanbu has a multi-centered and different settlement structure and the potential for rapid development and change, the existing rail system does not respond to the desired level.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality provides solutions for the development of rail systems for the transportation of transportation problems.

General Business Information

Istanbul Metro is one of the main lines that Istanbul Transport Inc. operates. The line length of the subway operating between Şişhane and Atatürk Auto Industries is 15,65 Km. The 10 station offers 12 (quad-series) services at the 231.163 station, and XNUMX passengers are available daily.

Transportation Inc. The new metro line of Aksaray-Otogar-Airport, which provides operational services, carries around 252.289 passengers per day and the 18 station between Aksaray-Airport 31 significantly reduces the intensity of urban transportation in minutes.

The street tram between Kabataş-Zeytinburnu, which has a total length of 14 and serves 215.484 passengers per day, provides fast and comfortable transportation especially on the historical peninsula. With the extension of Zeytinburnu-Bağcılar, this line has been extended to Bağcılar and the at full integration kadar in urban rail systems has been provided by connecting the light metro to Zeytinburnu and Aksaray subway via the Kabataş Taksim funicular line.

The Habibler-Topkapı tram line serves approximately 15 passengers per day with the line length of 22 and the 60.000 station.

2009 Year Passenger Satisfaction Survey

Istanbul Transportation Inc. 2009 M1 Aksaray-Airport Metro in May, M2 Şişhane-AOS Metro, T1 Zeytinburnu-Kabataş Tram, T2 Zeytinburnu-Bağcılar Tramway, T4 Habibler-Topkapı Tramway, F1 Taksim-Kabataş Funicular lines and Eyüp-Piyer Map 2. According to the results of the survey conducted with face-to-face interviews with 2009 passengers on the 3813 Loti ropeway line, the overall satisfaction levels of the passengers were determined as 76. The five service criterions that are most satisfied are the travel time, the working conditions of the turnstiles, the attitudes and behaviors of the security and box office officials, the in-car information services and the lighting of the stations.

According to 2009 Passenger Satisfaction Survey M1 Aksaray-Airport Metro, M2 Taksim-4.Levent Metro, T1 Zeytinburnu-Bagcilar Tramway, T2 Güngören-Bağcılar Tramway, F1 Taksim-Kabataş Funicular lines and finally with the contribution of T4 Habibler-Topkapı Tram It was determined that the vehicle was prevented from traffic.

Maintenance and Repair of Rail Systems

Sound and anti-vibration isolation works in LRT line, rail grinding and re-profiling works in LRT, metro and tram lines, line and energy systems works, all periodical maintenance, repair and inspection works of subway and tram vehicles serving. Along with these, maintenance, modification and revision works of existing lines and energy systems continue throughout the year.

Appendices: Current Rail System Network, lines, capacity, general rail system work, etc. please see the gallery for details ayr

About Levent Ozen
Every year, high-speed rail sector, the European leader in the growing Turkey. Investments in railways, which take this speed from high-speed trains, continue to increase. In addition, with the investments made for transportation in the city, the stars of many of our companies making domestic production shine. It is proud that Turkish high-speed tren national train ”production has been started in addition to the companies producing domestic tram, light rail and subway vehicles. We are very happy to be in this proud table.

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