Police Use Cars to collide: 1 Injured

Police officers were injured as a result of a tram collision with the automobile used by the police in Konya.

The accident occurred at the entrance of Aydınlık Junction Ataseven Avenue. Allegedly, the tram under the command of Mehmet Çelik, who made the Alaaddin-Campus expedition, crashed into a 42 HC 963 license plate car under the command of Şule Ensaroğlu, a female police officer at the Özalkent Police Station. Police officer Ensaroğlu, the driver of the car, was injured in the accident. The injured police officer was taken to the Başkent Konya Hospital with an ambulance dispatched to the scene and was treated.

Police teams from the scene launched an investigation into the accident.

Source: Star Agenda

Günceleme: 25/11/2018 14:36

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