Nurettin Atamtürk: The discourse of the production of Rail System Vehicles in Turkey.

The expressions of the domestic tram production that are being carried out in competition in our country nowadays are pleasing. is seen.

It cannot be denied that these statements will play an important role in shedding light on the future of the rail system sector and in promoting the supplier industry. However, in order for these discourses to come true, it is important to show the necessary care and attention, just like a healthy growth of a baby. In other words, discourses should be supported and filled in as technical, economic and legal legislation because entrepreneurs require trust and courage for investment. Currently, domestic production initiatives and efforts with the support of one or two investors or municipalities are a beginning. These investments should never be sacrificed for political rent.

Short and long term planning and preparations for domestic production should be handled at all levels. The existing ten lad makes the entire tram and the words must be convincing.

Every sector that has been following and developing many branches and systems of railroad and rail systems in various countries during the beginning and development phase should contribute with four basic suggestions:

  1. 1.    We must definitely invest in trained people or trained workforce.
  2. 2.    We must start production of machines, tools, tools and machine tools immediately
  3. 3.    We should allocate sufficient resources for R & D investments
  4. 4.     We should never hesitate to buy know-how.

It is possible for large and small industrialists to produce in the long term, but it is a generally accepted fact that in a short time, it is a generally accepted fact that it is completely dependent on it to make an investment and to take a guarantee for production.

When we look at the history of the companies that have produced rail system vehicles until today and have made a name in the world market, they definitely started with imitation, copy. However, in order to switch from the experience gained to domestic production after a while;

  1. 1.    We have to take all components from the outside and give up the wrong from the assembly.
  2. 2.    We have to put forward our own unique design.
  3. 3.    We should support the domestic rail vehicle manufacturing industry with attractive loans, not by word.
  4. 4.    We must achieve national and international quality and standards.

Finally, to summarize with a single statement; The survival and sustainability of our own Rail System vehicles not only in the domestic market but also in the international market will be possible with continuous improvements. ,

In this respect, promising words sound good, but we must fulfill the requirements of fulfillment by giving importance and priority to what is said.

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