Nurettin Atamtürk: Basic Principles in Choosing an Electronic Recorder

The modern rail transport sector, which is the main target of passenger comfort and safety, requires a multi-functional operating system.

In this respect, it is of utmost importance that the receivers of recording devices, which are the main necessities of all rail systems today, make a choice in accordance with the following principles, and they are of great importance in the long term.

1. History of manufacturer
2. Company's references should be evaluated
3. Quality assurance (ISO, IRIS) and production documents should be examined
4. Produced in accordance with international railway standards
5. Adequate training
6. The device must be very functional
7. Additional functions with additional signals (sound, passenger counting system, energy measurement, recording, camera, GPS, GSM-R, etc.)
8. Recorders must be available as ETCS and JRU
9. Device software should be open for development
10. The recorder hardware design must be open to additional functions
11. Use of software and hardware should not be complicated
12. Transfer of raw data to PC environment via lab-to, USB memory or WI-FI
13. The device's memory diversity (short, long, statistics, events, general, etc.) and the size should be sufficient
14. Analog and digital signal connections and diagram should be clear
15. Accident-protected Memory Box (CPM) must be available to prevent data stored in memory from being lost in an accident
16. Domestic service for rapid repair and maintenance (trained people, sufficient spare parts stock, necessary tools, tools and test sets must be available.
17. Operation and maintenance program should be easy and convenient
18. To be able to make an evaluation and analysis program summary and reporting
19. The results and reports of the received data should be printed with EXCEL and PDF formats and delivered to those concerned.
20. Both the service program and the analysis program should be in Turkish.

It is a fact that the cheap and poor quality devices which do not meet the basic requirements above will bring greater costs in the long run.

The managers and expert technical personnel of the customers who do not consider this fact bear the great responsibility in the material and spiritual manner in the future.

True, the employees who do not choose a high quality recording device are experiencing great morale due to the operational difficulties and maintenance problems, there is low motivation and efficient working is affected negatively.

As a result; In order to reduce operating costs and increase operational efficiency, more solid, lighter and long-lasting, quality and international standards should be taken as a basis for the provision of recording devices.

Because; In a field where human life is concerned, it is inevitable to give high importance and priority to these principles of election, except for all financial considerations.

Source: Nurettin Atamtürk


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