Nostalgic tram's homeland started classes

IETT started to give foreign language training to the operators working in Tunel with the Nostalgic Tram. Nostalgic Tram, which is the symbol of İstiklal Street, is one of the most touristic places of Istanbul. 22, who is working in Tünel, is the second oldest subway in the world.


IETT Transportation Library is planned to be completed by 5 in foreign language education given by American instructors. IETT General Manager Hayri Baraçlı explained that the citizens started such a study in order to communicate more effectively with the tourists:, Many tourists from different countries come to see the Nostalgic Tram and Tunnel. Nostalgic trams, tourists who are curious about Tünel before asking questions, is getting information from the father.

Therefore, communicating with tourists has become an absolute need. In order to enable our employees to communicate more effectively with tourists, we started to give foreign language training to Tunnel operators using the Nostalgic Tram. At the end of the 5 monthly training you will be able to answer the questions of the visitors from abroad.

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