Nostalgic tram breaks Istiklal Avenue

Kadir Topbaş, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, said, “The vibration of the nostalgic tram is dismantling and ruining all the pavements. In other words, it breaks the binding feature of the mortar. He could not hold any material on it. It is a street that is constantly excavated when you pour concrete… It is excavated at least 40 times a year, unfortunately. Such as cable passage, natural gas passage. Because of these, there was a serious problem. We completed the underground work by taking the decisions of the board. We are also making a new arrangement regarding surface coating. There is a right and left channel on both sides of the road. Electrical cables will pass through here. Istiklal Street will not be excavated again. Wires will go through there. We will not have this trouble anymore. İstiklal Street will now become worthy of Istanbul. You saw Sultanahmet. We did, and those who came are also very pleased. "We will make this place permanent, where we will not have any problems." When the journalists' work will be finished Kadir Topbaş said, “We have one or two material and flooring choices for the coating work. We will see him on the spot next week with the delegation. We will decide which one is appropriate with the Mayor of Beyoğlu. And we will start right away, ”he said.

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