Metrobüs line made Beylikdüzü the star of the property

Metrobüs line made Beylikdüzü the star of the property
Istanbul Chamber of Realtors and Consultants 2. President Nizameddin Aşa, Beylikdüzü in the real estate market, the last 2 annually, the region that earns the most increased transportation facilities, he said.

Aşa, Istanbullular'ın real estate buying or renting is an important criterion, he said. "Metrobüs line will come," "Metrobus was done, is done" rumors, a large increase in property prices in Beylikduzu Aşa stated, said:

Çok Until two years ago, Beylikdüzü was a very suitable area for sale and rent. In the city you can find a house 500-2 where you can rent a thousand 800, 900 thousand liras. Price was low but transportation was troubled. With the rumors of 'Metrobus future', prices have started to increase. When the last 2 year was taken in İstanbul, the most premium region was Beylikdüzü. Real estate prices have increased by close to 100, I can say. However, each district of Beylikdüzü did not gain the same value. Places close to E-5 has made a premium. When you go to the north, there is no increase in prices, even some discounts. Kuzey

Nizamettin Aşa stated that Ataşehir was followed by Beylikdüzü and Ataşehir in the last 2 annually.

Considering the last 5 year, it is pointed out that Kağıthane is the most winning region, ığ Locations close to the center are experiencing a tremendous transformation. This transformation, conditions, prices are forcing. That's what's happening in Kağıthane. The tunnel made to Kağıthane was very effective in the appreciation of this region. Last 5 was the most winning region in the year, Kagithane was Son.

Aşa to the housing and construction market in terms of expecting a period of adversity, "Nuisance, the sector is reflected. Sales are quite low. Although the rental market is alive, there is no demand for sale. People who do not have easy needs cannot sell houses. Construction firms are also experiencing similar difficulties. Outside the main locations, the market is full of luxury housing. In the period ahead, for the people who are in need of real, around the square meter 2 thousand pounds, a thousand pounds in the monthly payment of the thousand 500-2 thousand pounds can be awarded projects, Ön he said.

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