Roads Cut Out of Metrobus (Video)

When the Metrobus did not come, they cut the road

According to the information obtained, the flights were disrupted due to the malfunction of the metrobus, which will make the Avcılar-Beylükdüzü flight at around 23.30. Meanwhile, the number of people waiting at the stop increased with the addition of passengers getting off from the metrobus coming from Zincirlikuyu. Citizens waiting for about 20 minutes were furious. Passengers intercepted a metrobus on the Zincirlikuyu-Avcılar flight, which was about to enter the Avcılar stop. Passengers asked the driver to take them to Beylikdüzü. However, when the driver responded negatively to this request, the passengers became even more angry. Line officers entered the circuit. Upon the request of the passengers who conveyed the situation to the line officers, the doors of a metrobus prepared for the Avcılar-Zincirlikuyu flight were opened and the passengers were taken in. The events that took place were recorded with a mobile phone by a metrobus passenger.

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