Explosion on the Metrobus Road

📩 31/10/2012 15:36

During the action of the group, including the Peace and Democracy Party (Bdp) deputies, who went on hunger strikes in Bakırköy, the metrobus road exploded. Police noted that the explosion was carried out by 3 people, whose faces were covered with pouches.

A group, including Bdp Deputies Sebahat Tuncel and Levent Tüzel, wanted to protest in front of the Bakırköy Women's Closed Penal Institution. The Bdp members, whom the police did not allow them to go to the prison, made a statement on the roadside. After the statements, 3 sound bombs were thrown on the metrobus road while the group dispersed. Riot teams increased security measures in the area that caused short-term panic. During the explosion, traffic and metrobus services on the E-5 highway were stopped for a short time.

Passing through the police radios, the explosion was carried out by an 3 person covered with pouches. The police launched a working environment to apprehend the perpetrators.

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