To deprive the people of Mersin

In the city center, eight hundred and fifty thousand inhabitants, tax revenues in Mersin, Turkey, which is the sixth city in the direction it is unfair to be tried to be predominantly urban transportation is still full of Mersin. As the city's population, which ranks tenth in Mersin in Turkey "LRT" is a big loss for the realization of urban failure.
There are two sides. Mersin Metropolitan Municipality and Government. Ir Light Rail System Project beri has been on the agenda since 2000 and it is the subject of continuous polemics among the parties. The people of Mersin do not know the truth of the work. The main reason I wrote this article is to find an answer to the question of who is right and who is right.
Mayor of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, the population of Mersin city center is less than one million by the State Planning Organization is not taken into the investment program by arguing that they are blocked by the AKP government. The ruling wing, on the other hand, says that there is no such thing, and the Mayor tries to overthrow his own incompetence on the Government.
If the AKP government is the CHP of the Mersin Metropolitan Mayor, he cannot afford to do so. Because, although Kayseri and Samsun Metropolitan Municipalities were much smaller than Mersin, they realized the 'Light Rail System den by using long-term borrowings with Treasury guarantee without any obstacles. If the problem is that the Treasury does not give bail for foreign loans, then it is necessary to sit and evaluate.
There is a large number of financial institutions that can give loans with appropriate interest and maturity to Mersin's le Light Rail System Project u without asking for Treasury guarantee. Because the return of such an investment will be very fast. Of course we know. Such projects are costly projects. But you should not forget that there are prestigious and modern projects.
As can be seen, Mersin can perform the fifty-kilometer Sistem Light Rail System Project Görül in three stages. The first stage should be made between the current Otogar and Mezitli. There are already twenty-two traffic lights on the nearly fourteen kilometer GMK Boulevard route. The estimated cost of eighty-five million euros is affordable. The high passenger capacity of this stage attracts credit institutions and investors.
The polemics between the municipality and power have made the people tired. Kaybeden is the people of Mersin. The abandonment of urban passenger transport to the minibuses is a primitive approach. Of course, minibuses will also work. The minibuses should be directed to new settlements and new lines. What is the job of hundreds of dolmus on İnönü Boulevard and Hospital Street?
The people of Mersin at least want this: They are tired of being put to sleep with the "Light Rail System Project" since 2000. Does the Metropolitan Municipality really want to do it, but is the government preventing it? Otherwise, the Metropolitan Municipality does not have such a project. Only time kazanchasing man? Whatever the outcome, the existence of such a project has to be presented to the people of Mersin along with its feasibility study and routes. It is the most natural right of the people to know the truth.
Rubber wheeled vehicles have a great advantage in terms of investment costs, but they also cause many problems due to passenger density on the lines they operate. Urban growth and environmental problems make rail systems mandatory.

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