Marmaray's 9 annual delay: 1 billion dollars

Mayor Topbaş stated that the first feasibility study of the Marmaray project was carried out in 1987 and the IMM pressed the button at 1998. N The project was to be completed in 2004. However, the entire program has disrupted the historic harbor, which is coming from the bottom of the 9 meter. 13 was found in the Marmaray excavation area and 22 was found in the underground excavation area. So far, 35 million TL was spent. The project will be completed at 46 October 29. The Taksim metro serves up to a thousand 2013 passengers per day. If the connection to the Yenikapı had been finished, the figure would be 230. 732 bin Istanbul cannot be moved a day due to the 5.2 kilometer. This also means 500 million 9 million passengers per year 1 million. If a rough calculation is made without considering parameters such as time and fuel loss, the 600 annually costs 9 billion dollars gibi.

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