Logistics area not desert!

The warehouse transporters of Zeytinburnu, which Istanbul Municipality will move to Hadımköy, rebelled at the location shown.
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality decided to establish a new logistics area in Istanbul Hadimkoy within the framework of 22 / 2011 scale environmental plan at 1 December 100.000. The decision on the grounds that caused traffic to Turkey's meeting the transport needs of one third of the envisaged transport logistics will be established a new warehouse shipper of Zeytinburnu.
The decision to relocate Us Istanbul scheduled for February 2012 shipping warehouse in Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME) was reported by Turkey in a Transporters Association official sent to tebligatl.
However, the cost of the construction cost of a warehouse of 200 square meters in Hadımköy 925 thousand pounds learned that the shipping warehouse to stay in Zeytinburnu because they could not find this money refused to go out of town. On the previous day, a sign was posted by UKOME indicating that the warehouse transporters located in Zeytinburnu after 1 January 2013 will be completely closed to traffic. 1 The site tradesmen, which are expected to be closed to traffic after January, are in the uprising.

'Not even a barrack'

After 1 January 2013 historical consequence of the implementation of the decision by maintaining that the victims of the shipper Turkey Transporters Association Chairman Erol Özçelik said: "Municipal us to land in Hadımköy, the land we received also asked us to do through contractors. This cost 925 thousand pounds. Here, an artisan earns a maximum of 10 thousand pounds a month. 10 years, but we win this money. We continued to stay in Zeytinburnu because we could not find this money. In the notification we received, it is stated that the logistics area was built in Hadımköy and all the preparation was made for the transportation of the warehouse owners. However, the slightest preparation was not made by the authorities to move to Hadımköy. Logistic area is not even a shed in the area of ​​logistics leave leave in the area. To move to Hadımköy, TOKİ should make a site there for us to move out of the city. Had
Iş If there are thousands of people going to be unemployed in the event that the Zeytinburnu shipping warehouse site is closed to traffic, Kemal Engin said, c We have the site of the Demirciler site. There is no such application for them. Removals in Turkey in recent years because it is one of the fastest growing sectors of the international companies will want to share the cake from this sector. But they can't compete with us. There is a serious rant fight. Thousands will be unemployed if they close, Kap he said.

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