HÜBNER: Leading Company in Rail Transportation Systems (VIDEO)

As a comprehensive rail system supplier, HÜBNER Group produces key components for the transportation sector (railway vehicles, buses, airport technology, cars and trucks) as well as medical technology products. HÜBNER Group serves in a wide range of products including folding bellows, vehicle articulation systems, flexible gangway systems, window systems, PUR molded foam components as well as the design and manufacture of rubber and plastic injection products.

With its international structure, HÜBNER Group is in a creative and close relationship with the market. With a customer-oriented approach, we are constantly producing localized solutions with new countries and new markets in the globalized world. Together with our customers, we develop new products at the highest level with individual solutions and technical precision. HÜBNER GmbH, which serves worldwide with more than 1800 employees; quality, confidence and efficiency will be in continuous development.

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