Kestel Municipality looking for investors

Kestel Municipality is looking for an investor in the area of ​​25 thousand square meters including Sarıyer and then the shopping mall which it has rented as Kestel Plaza.
The goal is to revitalize the district in the district.
Kestel Municipality Council decided to rent a shopping mall, a private hospital, a commercial center or a hotel.
In addition to the fact that Bursaray will extend to Kestel, the crossing routes of Büyük Sanayi Sitesi, Bursa Technical University and Yenişehir Airport will intersect at this point and it will certainly be a very important intersection in terms of investment.
After the parliamentary decision was shared with the public, Mayor Yener Acar stated that it was gratifying that the applications of the investors started to come in various options and that it was possible to reach here from the city center with the arrival of Bursaray.
It is possible to establish that the technical university will be located near the 25 thousand square meters where we hear Özdilek's interest.
In the meantime, the construction of the intersection that Bursaray can use to the region where the entrance to Inestol is provided is started.
These important investments reminded me of the words of Recep Altepe, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, saying,, What will happen in the east of the city? Bu

Resigned as he got angry at the county president

Imam Hussein Bor, who served as President of Kestel Haci Bektas Parent Association and Alevi Federation Vice President, has resigned from CHP Kestel district membership.
The reason of Bor's resignation is also interesting.
Imam Hüseyin Bor, who fell behind Yıldıray Atlı, who was competing at the district congress in March, had resigned from his party membership.
Bor, which has been open to CHP County Chairman Yıldıray Atlı for a while due to mutual discourse in the district congress, has included unusual statements in his resignation petition:
”I feel the need to resign because the president of the county has been subject to heavy accusations and insults from time to time and the last example of this is repeated once again at the extended member meeting of Kestel Hacı Bektaş Veli Association on 30 September 2012“
CHP Kestel District Chairman Yildiray Atlı'nın also stated that the right of the answer is clear.

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