Karabük-Safranbolu Rail System Project

Mayor Rafet Vergili; stating that he has not yet made a decision on the next period, he stated that there is only one project to be carried out in Karabük and that this project is a railway system between Karabük and Safranbolu.

Mayor Rafet Vergili, who claims that the future Mayor will collect rubbish after him; . I haven't decided anything about the period ahead. I would argue that the Mayor will collect garbage after me. There is only one project in Karabük. This is a project that can be discussed very seriously in the future. Rail System from Safranbolu to Karabuk. No one can put a very serious project. Mayor of the future should be very ambitious for me to do this, I need to know the job very well. In Karabük, we have the rehabilitation of our neighborhoods. This will be done by our work with our citizens to evaluate their land, to increase the life levels of our citizens by making apartments. This is one of my biggest goals. It's in our plans. This time in the 5-10 in the years suddenly a very big changes in these neighborhoods we need to provide this. Our aim is to raise the living standards of our citizens ları.

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Günceleme: 25/11/2018 14:43

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  1. sayin baskan this project is actually the most urgent project to put aside all of the projects directly on this project should be intensified