Metro gospel to Kağıthane | Kagithane Metro

Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Kadir Topbaş, who will be in Kağıthane in the next 1-2 month Kagithane Metro said they would make the tender.

Topbas also announced that the location of the third airport planned to be located in Istanbul would be close to Terkos Lake. Topbas held a press conference yesterday in Kağıthane Municipality. Mayor Topbaş said, bil According to the maps, this point is the place we know as mines. A damaged area resembling the lunar surface. It's not the jungle area, Or he said. Topbas gave the good news of Kağıthane to Kağıthane Metro as follows: X I hope we will tender the subway which will pass through Kağıthane in the next 1-2 month. We will do it with our own resources. “Topbaş stated that the environment provides a significant impact on human beings,” Çağlayan Adliyesi started to affect the environment. Metro as I said here, while creating the renewal process, on the other hand in the Cendere valley in the 270 hectare area, a sub-center due to our transformation work, a new center in Istanbul, a new line will be created similar to Maslak. Especially from this line, there will be access to Seyrantepe station with funicular, which is a sign of a significant change and transformation in these places. Özellikle

Source: Hürriyet

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