Kadir Topbaş: ay Kağıthane metro auction will be held in 1-2 months Kad

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş said, "I hope we will tender the subway that will pass through Kağıthane in the next 1-2 months."

Highlighting the importance of Sadabad coming to life and making Istanbul a promenade again, Topbaş said, “I gave a good news to our mayor and our party organization here. In the next 1-2 months, we hope to tender the subway that will pass through Kağıthane. We will do it with our own resources. ”
Expressing that they have made their preparations in this regard, Topbaş stated that they have come to a certain point and that Istanbul residents will experience and see that the 2016-targeted difficulties in transportation are left behind in the future.
One of the journalists, ”Sadabad Park is resurrected, Sadabad Park is revived. On the question, is there a study on the building stock on the two sides in the environment? ”Topbaş said:
”After the 2009 local elections, we stated that our focus will be on urban transformation and urban renewal. In this regard, they entered into an important working process in our district mayors. A legal arrangement was also made. A law called the law of disasters in Turkey, on behalf of the city to get rid of earthquake risk comes into our country and our renovation work. By the way, I thank our citizens. Because of their understanding. With a participatory understanding, we take the steps to leave these troubles behind. There is a study done by the Kagithane Municipality on a transformation island point that it has just shown me. Likewise, the renovation process has started on larger scales or small scales on the basis of islands, neighborhoods. ”
Expressing that the environment has a significant impact on human beings, Topbaş continued his words as follows:
“Human beings are born with 20 percent factor character and 80 percent are shaped by the conditions given by the environment. No matter how smooth the environment is, you definitely keep up with it. Çağlayan Courthouse started to affect its environment. While the metro is creating the renewal process as I said here, on the other hand, in the 270 hectare area of ​​Cendere, a lower center, a new center in Istanbul and a new line similar to Maslak will be created due to our transformation efforts. Especially from this line, there will be access to the Seyrantepe station by funicular, which is a sign of a significant change and transformation in these points in the city. ”
Topbaş gave the following response to the questions of another journalist: "Is there any improvement regarding the water of the Golden Horn, Da Vinci Bridge and any developments regarding the Taksim project?"
“As of the market, we were proud to see that the fishermen, which are reminiscent of the anglers on the beaches of the Golden Horn, are concentrated, and that they come together with the children and enjoy the beauty of this beauty. The influx of fish was coming in. Meanwhile, the introduction of luster means that it follows other fish that many fish species will now live in the Golden Horn, and will become an inland sea that will spend the breeding season here.
In 1722, which we saw as a very important value, we did a tender in 2006 about the construction of the bridge, which he prepared as a design, not a sketch project designed by Leonardo Da Vinci. A firm bought it. He presented this to the board with a preliminary study. When this came to the fore, those who loved Leonardo Da Vinci in different parts of the world and his associations were sympathetic towards him (we also want to be involved in this project). And such a love was formed on a collective, that is, international scale. They even requested that we will provide sponsorships for this and works are currently underway. We usually keep our projects a little hidden. We have some privacy at this point. We do not explain much before conclusion. But it was announced. Currently studies are in progress. It has reached a certain point. ”
Recalling that there is a 40-meter, completely wooden Laonardo Da Vinci bridge built in Oslo, Topbaş noted:
He also asked us for an overpass to use the parking lot of Miniatürk, the University of Commerce. He also asked for a study to let us build that 40-meter passage there. Again, we will not pay a price for it. This is also a good thing. Because there are those who want to leave a mark on this city, those who want to give this city a gift, and those who love it. There are those who want to contribute to this city. A serious span with a span of 272 meters. It is not possible to pass with a stone bridge designed with a stone bridge. There is only one opening. They do this with a bit of metal blend, design work with wood and stone look. We will give details of this later.

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