Kadir Topbaş: Metrobüs will not be extended to Silivri, and metro to Silivri will come!

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş who was going to Silivri for Boğluca Deresi Correctional Works was greeted with arı Hayaldi Gerçek Wası, Boğluca Deresi Was Raised arı placards.

The students and local people gave flowers to Mayor Topbaş, who was welcomed with great interest by the citizens. Responding to the intense interest of the citizens, Mayor Topbas said, “When I come to Silivri, I have a great interest in our people. I would like to thank them very much. Kend

Topbaş in his speech after the welcoming ceremony, stating that the world undergoes very rapid change and transformation in all areas of Istanbul and Turkey said that the pace of change and development. 2 months ago reminding reports in the Financial Times Topbaş, "Foreign countries are watching with envy the rapid development in Turkey. The Financial Times 'Turkey would he on another planet?' he made the news by throwing the title. This is a great achievement. While we are witnessing this success, someone is trying to bring us to each other. There are people who want to shyness, and to cast our country into chaos. If we do not come to these games, if we consolidate with each other and hold on to a very different point in the world, "he said.

Expressing the dreams of a one-to-one President Topbaş, Silivri with the arrival of the metron the citizens living in Silivri very easily reach city centers, he said. President Topbaş said: ile We said that these regions should be able to establish close relations with the city center. When the Metro is activated, a citizen in Silivri will be able to travel to Taksim, Kartal and Sabiha Gökçen airports with ease. In 2016 too many people will use public transport. When we took office, we made our transportation master plans accordingly. Biz

Mayor Topbaş pointed out that İSKİ, who couldn't even get a checkbook in the past, has now invested in 10 Billion. His loan was finished. In the period of ISKI, which is unable to obtain a checkbook, 10 has become a billionaire. The investments made by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Turkey since then are 17 Billion. I'm not saying investment salary budget. This is what we do as an investment. Yatırım

Mr. Topbaş who gave the good news that the wastewater tunnels will be built under the 30 meter in the near future, said veren We are making waste water tunnels under the 22 meter of 30 Km length. Celali, Kumburgaz, Kamiloba, all of these coastal areas, including waste water will come and Selimpasa advanced biological refinement will become immaculate. The waste water of all the houses will become immaculate. Yesterday, as Prime Minister shows, we will make it clean water. Dün

Mayor Topbaş stated that the total of the investments they made in Silivri to the present day is 810 Million and said UM When we look at the budget as a budget, I am talking about a difficult figure dik. Mayor Topbaş continued his words as follows: ri Imagine that the natural gas to Silivri was a dream. When I visited Silivri in 2004, one of the industrialists told me, 'Mr. President, if you bring natural gas to Silivri, I will start working. I'm gonna start exporting. I'm going to buy workers. I will compete with abroad. ' 45 days later, we brought natural gas to the industry 18km. We brought natural gas to villages in 4,5 months. Hot asphalt appeared for the first time in our time. Sıcak

Referring to the stream improvement activities, Mayor Topbas continued his speech: en No gram of waste water will come here anymore. It'il only carry rain water. I hope that we will get pedestrian walking areas by pedestrianizing the bridge below which is the historical bridge. We need to be together in these areas. In the West they call these areas democracy areas. If we use those squares and we share together, we feel that this nation is a member of the 75 million family. God willing, occasional tensions, chaos disappear. Those who want to drop each other's games are broken. We believe that we will achieve this brotherhood together. I know that we will write epics in Çanakkale as well as the epics we wrote. Akkale

Source: IMM

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  1. Slivri selimpaşaya head to the emergency mtro or metrobus we are students and we go to school on the private bus 7 mılyon is enough to give now. we had money.

  2. Silivri is very difficult silivriden to travel to Istanbul with union bus


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