Trains to be used in Izmir will be selected by public vote

İZBAN, which has been providing rail public transportation service in İzmir since 30 August 2010, will decide with the votes of the people of İzmir on the design of 40 new train sets to be made by Hyundai Rotem. Designs named "Kingfisher", "Bay Dolphin" and "Deep Blue", is was presented to the public with a survey on the site. İzmir residents will participate in the survey, which will be open for a week, and will choose both exterior and interior designs of new İZBAN trains. Those who wish will be able to express their opinions on the facebook account of İZBAN's hesabı uzunyolunkisasi Dil.

New trains will depart from South Korea after 18 months. The whole fleet will be completed in about three years. Mr. Sebahattin Eris, General Manager of İZBAN, and Sönmez Alev, Deputy General Manager, stated that the designers had a long and devoted working period in İzmir. From the Clock Tower to the kilim motifs, everything inspired by Izmir was inspired. Among them, the kingfisher bird, Izmir Bay, dolphin and blue color came to the fore. As a result, three designs which we believe to be identified with Izmir were made. All three were liked by the İZBAN team but we wanted the people of Izmir to make the final decision. İZ Emphasizing that the interior design of the train, Eros and Flame highlighted the remarkable details, he added that the selected motifs evoked the feeling of home.

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