IZBAN and Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Prime Minister Erdogan, Turkey's largest urban public transport project, in his speech at the opening izban the partisanship and said that doing this project together hükümetmiz indication that something is done.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, speaking at the Turkey's largest urban public transport projects which izban opening.

From the opening speech of Prime Minister Erdogan's line heads are as follows;

It constitutes Turkey's largest public transport network. 550 thousand passengers will be transported on average per day. This system will be a very short distance between Alsancak and Aliağa. Transportation problems in the region will be solved in a radical way with the extensions of this network.
After the First World War, our biggest handicap is the transportation problem. While Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and his friends gave great importance to transportation, unfortunately, they did not give importance to this area after them. Today, we are in the effort of eliminating the neglect of years. We wish Izmir to meet the metro network as soon as possible.

The first fast trains in Turkey we have started. We reduced the number of Istanbul - Ankara to 2.5 hours. Marmaray, built by placing a tube under the Bosphorus, ends in 2013. In parallel with him, we have laid the foundation of the tube passage about the highway in the Bosphorus. We laid the foundation of the world's longest suspension bridge between İzmir and İstanbul.

We have become an important center between London and Beijing with our investments in land, sea and air transportation.

İZBAN is a clear indication that our government is not partisan and things will be done together.

After the ballot boxes have been opened and the votes are distributed, we render the results on the shelf and treat the municipalities equally.

We bring the Mediterranean games to Mersin with our lobbying activities. kazanwe nagged. Right now, there will be a very serious work in Mersin until 2013.

If Izmir is a star city, we have to move this star city to a very different position in every way.

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