İZBAN 100 approached the number of passengers

With the development of the urban public transport system and the increase in the number of passengers in Izmir, the number of passengers passed 1,5 million threshold and broke a historical record. IZBAN, 20 October 2012 carried 162 689 people on Friday, except for Halkapinar transport. The number of passengers transferred from Izmir Metro at Halkapınar Station to İZBAN is 10 and 180 has approached thousands. 30 2010 26'da passenger and the passenger who started to work continuously increasing the remaining 78 65 100 2012 thousand times a year while serving the service to the 10 million dam began to run. In the first 40 of 2013, İZBAN, serving to 100 million İzmiris, is expected to reach the XNUMX millionth passenger in March XNUMX where it will complete its third service year at the latest.

Turkey, indicating that they are one of the fastest growing institutions İZBAN General Manager Sabahattin Eris, "In a short time we have reached the point, Izmir us an indication of the confidence of the people. It was a source of happiness for us to reach the highest passenger level in the last week when we experienced troubled days. Sık Stating that the 1 unit increase in public transport provided an increase of 1,5 unit in the city economy, Sönmez Alev, Deputy Director General, said, birim We are trying to offer our urbanized public transportation to our target audience in a low-level but high-quality service product such as breathing during the day. The point we have today is an indicator of reassuring development. With the arrival of the 40 EMU trains in progress, the operation of the Crescent Transfer Station, the extension of the operation to Bergama and Selçuk, and the vision of the operations to be carried out, İZBAN will reach the big targets of the urban public transportation in İzmir one by one. UM

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