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Anyone with a population exceeding fifteen million, as known to Istanbul, Turkey's largest metropolis. the biggest reason for Turkey to come to people's mind when he said this must be Istanbul. Well so many people, the city is big, the distances are long, the Asian side is sitting on the European side of the human, there is a tyranny to cross over. At this point, traffic comes into operation. In fact, when it comes to transportation in Istanbul, traffic comes to mind. I want to volunteer in this transportation letter, but unfortunately there is no traffic.

Now we have talked about transportation transport traffic did not, of course, until the seventies people in Istanbul by minibus - bus - train was doing. But people from other cities, as the number of migrations increased, this public transport to Istanbul was not enough. Remember what economics meant? Managing unlimited needs with limited resources. So towards the end of the seventies this was not enough, but the source was limited and the requests were unlimited. In this case, new solutions came into play.

What were these solutions? Let me write right away, first of all, sea travel has finally emerged, its importance still remains. kazanAlthough it was not possible, maritime transportation first appeared in the seventies. After the sea voyage, bus services became more frequent, which was not enough, the number of minibuses increased, it is now possible to see a minibus every five minutes, new train lines were built, tramway and metro entered our lives.

We came to the seventies, two thousand, two thousand years into the lives of Istanbul residents met with a hero as metbrus. The reason is the great belief that it will relieve the traffic. It seriously relieved it, but unfortunately it did not solve the whole problem, because it wasn't a new infrastructure work, the guys got the way into the lanes, ladies and gentlemen, this is the metrobus. The real thing is that Istanbul is a big metropolis and such a big city should be built in subway networks like in foreign countries.

This seems to be the biggest solution for now, but it is insufficient. Of course, there are new studies, metro works etc etc etc etc .. but now the most on the agenda of the Marmaray project, the 2009 is said to end in the Marmaray is still on the agenda, but still can not say that there is still no click.

Kadir Topbas, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, is quite optimistic about this issue and he says that Istanbul's transportation problem will be solved in 2016 - to a great extent. In many cities of the world, despite the fact that the metros were built by the governments and the relevant ministries, the metropolitan municipality was built by the metropolitan municipality and it was the municipality that made the most investment in the metro. he said he would be unpacked. Kayabaşı District and the city to be established in a new metro line works, the metro line to add a branch from Bahçeşehir and Esenyurt stated that they stand on. Umraniye-Uskudar metro line with a time limit of thirty-eight months of the tender was made. In Istanbul, Topbaş was demanding his mastership period and politics was not going on in Ankara.

In addition, he explained his future plans in his speech. Plan We finished the transportation master plans. Within the framework of these master plans, we have determined the future of rail systems, subway, sea transportation, rubber wheeled systems. In Istanbul, we predicted a six hundred and forty-one kilometer metro and rail network. When we have completed this, Istanbul will be experiencing a period in which transport and transportation are metro and rail systems. 2016 is a year in which people in the city will be comfortable for us. Many of our lines will be finished, our buses will be completed, minibus systems will be changed much more. Taxis will also become more regular and controlled. Transportation in the city will be seriously relieved. Now we will not be talking too much transportation..

Istanbul Commuter Train Line Route

Commuter Train Sirkeci-Halkalı it stops at eighteen stops. The train starts from Sirkeci, HalkalıIt takes forty-seven minutes to arrive. Train stops after Sirkeci, Kumkapı, Yenikapı, Kocamustafapaşa, Yedikule, Kazlıçeşme, Zeytinburnu, Yenimahalle, Bakırköy, Yeşilyurt, Yeşilköy, Florya, Menekşe, Küçükçekmece, Soğuksu and Canary stations. Halkalıreaches to.

Metrobus Route

Anatolian side metrobus stops

Söğütlüçeşme stop (Kadıköy), Fikirtepe stop (Kadıköy), Uzunçayır stop (Kadıköy), Acıbadem stop (Üsküdar), Altunizade stop (Üsküdar), Burhaniye stop (Üsküdar), Bosphorus Bridge stop (Üsküdar),

European side metrobus stops

Zincirlikuyu stop (Besiktas), Mecidiyekoy stop (Sisli), Caglayan stop (Sisli), SSK Okmeydani Hospital stop (Sisli), Perpa stop (Sisli), Okmeydani stop (Kagithane), Halicioglu stop (Beyoglu), Ayvansaray stop (Eyup), Edirnekapi stop (Eyup), Adnan Menderes Boulevard stop (Zeytinburnu), Bayrampasa-Maltepe stop (Zeytinburnu), Topkapi stop (Zeytinburnu), CevizliBağbası (Zeytinburnu), Merter stop (Zeytinburnu), Zeytinburnu stop (Bakırköy), İncirli - Ömür stop (Bakırköy), Bahçelievler stop (Bahçelievler), Şirinevler stop (Bakırköy), Yenibosna-Kuleli stop (Bakırköy), Sefaköy stop (Bakırköy) ), Yeşilova-Florya stop (Bakırköy), Cennet Neighborhood stop (Bakırköy), Küçükçekmece stop (Küçükçekmece), İETT Camp stop (Avcılar), Şükrübey stop (Avcılar), Avcılar stop (Avcılar) Avcılar - Beylikdüzü Stops

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