Istanbul Metro Station (Video)

A young woman who was on the tracks in the Taksim Metro was under the train.
The fire station, police and ambulance was referred to the incident on notice. The train services between Taksim and Istanbul were also stopped. It was reported that the body of the woman was reached as a result of the half-hour work of the fire crews. Trying to get the body out from under the train. In other news, witnesses claimed that the woman had committed suicide by throwing himself on the tracks. The police started an investigation into the incident.

An eyewitness, who did not want to reveal his name, witnessed the suicide of Taksim Metro last night. Stating that they had a great fear, the eyewitness described those moments as follows.


“What happened was horrible. It still doesn't go out of my sight. We were waiting in the direction of Hacıosman. As usual, the subway sounded first, then its nose appeared. All passengers approached the yellow line. We all stopped and waited, but the female passenger with a shopping bag did not stop….

Unfortunately it didn't stop. He dropped the bag and jumped on the tracks. It was standing still in front of our eyes. One of the passengers noticed the situation. Screaming voices. The security guard shouted, 'Stop!' But there was nothing to do. The train had only 10-15 meters to arrive. It was impossible to stop.


If it were a car, it still could not be saved. Everything happened in an instant. I wonder if we could intervene, but there was nothing to do. Those moments were terrible. It doesn't go out of my sight. An indelible voice rose from the ears. A minute after the subway stopped, the doors were opened and screaming sounds louder.



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