Death of Iron Horses and Fast Train Robbery

10 Dormant Homeland With Highways Overnight

Everything you know, the Prime Minister;

Ular In the 4 in 2004 UM X They talked all the time. They said we were knitted by nets. What else did you cover !? We're knitting. Deki and 18 ğ 2012 in 10 August. Year March; 'duck with iron nets'. What did you think? You're nothing, you're not knitted. Moreover, the master of the agendas, again setting the agenda, paved the way for discussions and triggered me for a long article:

It is not important for me that the construction of the railways is done to the Germans during the Ottoman period and the Americans during the period of Atatürk. What is important to me today is the railway lines; It is important and thought-provoking to be built in Italian, French and China, the establishment of wagon factory with foreigners, wagon tests to be done outside, training of machinists abroad, wagons, locomotives and other rail system vehicles.

More clearly; Although we're making a Revolution car in 1960, stop producing the locomotive, if we still can't manufacture wagon and ordinary rail system parts until now, we cannot train the mechanic and be enslaved by insufficient Chinese 'Fast Train' technology in the quote size, and it is a shame if we are still lying to scribble Ataturk on this issue Let us get.

I would like to emphasize this fact;

During the period of Atatürk, Taha Akyol wrote that the construction of the railways to foreigners was undertaken by Americans.

Taha Akyol; The United States does not say the truth about the Chester company. Yes, it is true that the Chester company will build a railway in Anatolia, but this company wants to build the railroad, not only in Anatolia, but also in the Black Sea and the Mediterranean.

The most important fact is; Colby M.Chester did not make the agreement on this matter in time of Atatürk, but in Ottoman times (1910).

In the east (Sivas-Van) railway, Mediterranean and the Black Sea in the purpose of the construction of the Ports; 'If impression in the first place and will solve the transportation problem for Turkey' to accelerate the exploitation of natural resources. Then, the Sivas-Van railway will extend to the Mosul and Kirkuk oil planes. Thus, the USA will easily transport the mines and oil seized and captured by the right and left 20 km area of ​​the Sivas-Van-Mosul-Kirkuk line and the petroleum and oil to be operated by railways and ports.

This colonial agreement, which includes severe conditions, was established in accordance with the Constitution (Kanuni Basis) dated 23 December 1876 and it was founded in the 1909st Constitutional Era and II. It was strongly opposed and rejected by the patriotic parliamentarians of Meclis-i Mebûsan, the legislature that served in the constitutional period. The biggest factor in its refusal; After Abdülhamit II was deposed from the throne, Meclis-i Mebüsan made amendments on the Constitution in May XNUMX, shrinking the powers of the sultan and the Assembly of the Noble and increased his own powers.

After the War of Independence (November 1922), this time, the son of Colby M. Chester, A.Chester, came to Ankara and brought up similar offers. In addition, the company would assume the construction and operating rights of other railways in the future.
The country was going through a critical process. The entire aim of the Young Republic was to lift the heavy sanctions of the Sevres agreement, which shattered the country, and not to lose especially the Mosul and Kirkuk oil fields. For example, Sevr's 88-89-93. According to the content of the articles, the Ottoman will recognize the Republic of Armenia; The President of the USA would determine the Turkish-Armenian border as an arbitrator. Because; US President Thomas Woodrow Wilson gave the provinces of Trabzon, Erzurum, Van and Bitlis to Armenia and Harput, Hakkari, Urfa, Mardin and Diyarbakır to the Kurds on the decision of 22 November 1920. Also; Turning to the east on the Samsun-Aleppo line, taking Mosul-Kirkuk and approaching the Iranian border, on the other hand, extending to Georgia in the north, where the countries such as Armenia, Kurdistan, Pontus and Georgia were the control area of ​​the USA and the Turks had no right to live there. . As it is seen, he had determined the leading role of the USA in matters such as territorial integrity and put it in the text of the agreement.

This powerful arbitrator was compromised to the United States in order to be strong on the international level, or more precisely before Lausanne. Here, the A.Chester agreement was part of such a compromise (9 April 1923).

However, the victory of the National War of Independence with the 'Treaty of Lausanne (24 July 1923)', the Ottoman surrender 'Sevres' (10 August 1920)' heavy sanctions had been canceled, but Mosul and Kirkuk was lost.

The USA (A. Chester company), whose main objective was to capture the mines and oil on the Sivas-Van-Mosul-Kirkuk line, abandoned this treaty.

Taha Akyol bey know that Ataturk did not build 1 mill railway. On the contrary, motorways were built during the Menderes period.

Mosul and Kirkuk in the period of Ataturk could not be entered, but during the period of the AKP government, ie 80 years later (2003) the US entered Iraq and seized the oil of Mosul and Kirkuk.

The order is to capture the water wars and water, ie the Tigris-Euphrates basin. Today, the struggle against the separatist terrorist organization in the Southeast is nothing but the beginning of the göre World Water Wars Su which, in my view, will be concentrated in the coming period.

Within the borders of Turkey, which was built during the Ottoman period and a nationalized 4 136 thousand km of main line railway by foreigners since işletmesindeyk Atatürk;

If the new 1923-1950, 3 thousand 278 is building a railway main line between the years 121-1950, and the average 2002 kilometer railway is built annually, but only the 900 kilometer main line between the years 18-XNUMX is built, If the railway construction speed is reduced to the full XNUMX mileage, I will consider it.

Moreover, this is my criterion on the railroad; 2002-2012 85-2-47 mile between the construction of the main line (ongoing 300 thousand XNUMX kilometers) captured in the year-the repair of the new line as shown in the new-XNUMX km is not the measure for me.

Why not?

The economic and technological conditions between 1923-1950 and 2002-2012 are not in line with the economic and technological conditions of 2004-1923. The launch of railway line construction at 1950 is a success, but it is a failure to use the 1923-38 era as a means of insulting Atatürk's transport policies. Because, in a tired country that was exhausted by Ottoman debts, exhausted and also out of war, Atatürk (3-210) 300 built over a thousand km of railway and achieved an annual average road construction speed of 500 km. You have achieved the average annual XNUMX km (?) Road construction rate with the convenience of today's economic and technological conditions (there is reason, the US allows this average?). On the contrary, you should increase this number to XNUMX km. By capturing that figure, you had to weave our country through the railroads from the beginning O
Even this success did not give the right to scratch the period of Atatürk.

In my homeland, 'especially after 1950' Road and Airway are developing, the 'Railroad', which the Indians call the 'Iron horse', and the 'Railway', which brings the US economy to today's levels, is not developed at all.


For not wanting the US. Because, the global master, who destroyed the oy Indians t with the t iron horses gelişmekte, tied the developing nation-states to the lar running cans il highway. In other words, 'the source of income of the global masters' is the transportation water of tin-cars running 'fire water oil'; After the power of Adnan Menderesli Democrat Party which started at 1950, it started to be shaped.

How is my 2002 if Turkey after akp'iktidarın by 'flying iron horses' with 'Fast Train Project' came up, xnumx't application process has been initiated.

How correct is this phenomenon, which is the main return of my country's economy, the organizer of social life and the most necessary of mass transportation?

I repeat that the Prime Minister, who tried to indicate that he was more ambitious in terms of the transportation policies of Atatürk's era, by making references to the Ottoman and Atatürk periods, and to see how sincere he was in the railway transportation policy through the 'High Speed ​​Train'.
Let's try to find out how the Prime Minister is being used as a means of political rent to do what the 'railroad' is like:

It is worth remembering;

Black train stations. All 19. century aesthetic buildings built in the original architectural style of Anatolia. Moreover, they had a different structure than the bus stations. The architectural styles of the west (Baroque, Rococo, Empires, Eglektik and Art-Nouveau) blended the classical Turkish architecture with the Neo-Classical style created by the architect Ahmet Kemalleddin Bey. 2. the US-based economic aid package (Marshall aid), which was put into effect after World War II (Marshall), began to count down as rail length. Because, US aids were conditional for highway construction.
As it is known, the railroads operated by foreign capital owners with the build-operate model during the Ottoman period were nationalized by the Law No. 24 enacted on May 1924, 506, and then the State Railways and Ports Administration as 'state administration with added budget' by the Law No. 31 dated May 1927, 1042. -i was named as Public. July 29, 1953 dated 6186 by Law 'brought into the State Economic Enterprises' "Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD)" got its name ... .Antrparantez: fear, inertia and partly recovered TCDD completely and stronger, with the High Speed ​​Train project, to be sold to foreign and Ottoman periods again is to be delivered to the understanding.

Yes, while the European countries from the developed countries, Britain and the USA, Russia and Japan are making contributions to the rail system, we became quickly into the railway by the High Speed ​​Train, although it is not enough to say 'We are doing, we are producing' after 2002.

Regardless of the speed of intimacy of the AKP government in terms of high-speed train, it is a transportation policy that I approve. Because the high-speed train is not only close to the distance, it is an environmentally friendly project and it is the pioneer of sustainable transportation. In other words, the phenomenon of ve Sustainable Mobility ham, which is the name of Tren Sustainable Mobility itesi, is the phenomenon of High Speed ​​Train due to increasing road vehicles, health and safety, energy and raw material saving, environmental protection and also quality of life. Yes, it is not a land, we call the current train of the land version of the train (version).

The high-speed train project is a superior technology product. If it is built according to the criteria of engineering discipline and science, it is safe and effective enemy of energy wastefulness.

Therefore; We should discuss how the construction of the high-speed train in our country, which has been on the agenda in recent years, is in line with the advanced technology criteria and is safe.

The implementation of the Fast Train started at 1957 in Japan-Tokyo (1957 at 145 at 1963 reached 256 km at 200). Since then, Germany has been providing fast trains with a maximum speed of less than 2011 km per hour to Germany, Belgium, China, Finland, France, South Korea, the Netherlands, UK, Spain, Sweden, Italy, Japan, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Taiwan. there had been only one mortal accident, until the catastrophic accident at 40 in China's Wenju city on August XNUMX.
Here we are; We have built the groundwork of the 583 km Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train project, and the rest of the project is built by Chinese engineers and workers. The interesting thing here is; Chinese high-speed train engineer Wujiuyi 16 2011 2011'ye the end of the project to work quickly to say that the stage of the 'behind the catastrophic accident in China's Xigang Xwan in China.

Think about, 54 in the world for years implementing the fast train project in such an accident is not experienced in China, is happening. And this is China; the country that criticizes the technology of countries that have high-speed train technology. The thoughtful; The fact that China is carrying out the important leg of the high-speed train project.

Yeah; Turkey Istanbul through the tunnel passage of railways from the throat (Marmaray), combining the world who will perform the first transcontinental train at the time of Ankara-Eskisehir-Istanbul is building Eskisehir-Istanbul part of the high-speed railway line (built in consortium with the Ankara-Eskisehir line Alsim-Alarko leadership of the Spanish OHL Agency It has). Another detail of the accident in China; In China, high-speed train drivers, but after the 10 days of vocational training to see the beginning of work.

Regardless of the situation, fast train is a must for countries and our country. But this necessity needs to be well designed. Recall, 80 km must go, while the old rail on the old rail 140 km-fast train between Istanbul-Ankara between the train train accident (22 July 2004-38 dead). Therefore, we cannot look superficially to the high-speed train project. We need to look at; Because, in the world, 20 will reach 1 billion 600 million years later, and currently 800 million pieces of vehicles, about 13 million in our country. 15 years later this figure will approach the exact 50 million. This is a thought-provoking figure. It means that the global master's petroleum products are predominantly on our highway, as well as the 'oil consumer', who is the indicator of our country's nature and nature. A quick train project to get rid of this is an opportunity. So much so; The energy consumed by the 100 passenger for the 1 km (100 km) is half the consumption of the passenger car, the 1 / 3 of an aircraft consumed.

So is it can be promoted in Turkey? Difficult, because the cost is high. Large additional infrastructure (tunnel, bridge, etc.) is required. Therefore, it is difficult to pass high-speed train routes through rough terrain and existing railway tracks. With this approach, the government is looking at the Fast Train Project as it has implemented transportation projects in all of the economic, political and political (Fr.rant). The whole purpose is to give the 'We're doing what no one has ever done' image (Fr.imaj) (Ki Quick Project work was started at the time of the 1999 Ecevit government. As it is understood, the projects in the design of previous governments, without creating the infrastructure, live in ordinary frantic (Arabic, hasty) is passed). This is an abstract application of both urban and urban transportation projects, engineering measures and technology. Just like partridge hunting on a plain plain, in order to cast votes, the high-speed train project, such as the building of a divided road from plain plains, is accelerated on the plain plain. And it puts it into practice with the Chinese technology and engineering approach focused on winning.

China, fast train technology; It was replicated from Japan, France and Germany. This rapidly blended technology in our country began to receive tenders. If you try to overcome the rough terrain or the existing train lines with this shady Chinese technology, you're upset. With this technology, we are able to get our speed train but 225 km speed. Can we catch the fast train technology that brings this speed closer to the speed of 600 km?

Actually; can we implement such a technology speed in the standard failure of physical integrity and vehicles in the railway infrastructure in our country? Not possible.

They look at the situation both in terms of political and economic returns:

Turkey called 'according to EU criteria' officially restructured. It's my impression. However, although we shape each change project according to EU criteria, we do not comply with this criterion in some projects. Here is the project of high-speed train project id

Japanese. Bullet Train (Shinkansen) tr with the speed of the 600 km speed reached the train. France reached a speed of 578 with high-speed train (TGV). Japan started its high-speed train project at 1957, France 1967 and reached an average 300-400 km speed today.

In China; quoting the technologies of these two countries, he entered the fast train project. Just as the economy transformed foreign coins into permanent investments, such as converting foreign coins into permanent investments, it has transformed it into a permanent technology for high-speed train technology. The fact that he couldn't catch up with the success of the economy on high-speed train technology, he stumbled. In fact, 'Fast Train Technology', the symbol of success in the economy, such as export products, that is, in the words of the 'Chinese business'. he designed this for the first time at 1990, but he was able to do so at 2003, and the 250 caught the pace, especially with the obsolete technology that France had abandoned at 1972, and now he's working with the Chinese business.

England, continental Europe, Japan, even by goods kms of high speed rail line, even China 2 million euros 500 km speed limit while capturing, Turkey, France, which was built with outdated technology and the line can be reached by 250 mph, transgressors at a cost (3 million euros).

Recall; Alsim-Alarko-Hispanic OHL consortium started the construction of the Ankara Eskişehir high-speed train line and the first price, determined as the 459 million euro, increased to 629 million euro at one time (contract price + insurance premium).
And today (16 January 2012) According to the information provided by TCDD; 2 Billion 78 Million Euro From the national budget, 120 Million Euro is the total amount of the financial contribution provided by the European Commission under the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (1 Billion 450 Million Euro); Mek 3 Billion 648 million Euros are mentioned.
It's a really fast train project.

Fast Train Robbery, though.

Let's mention quickly what is el What is High Speed ​​Train? Gelin;
In order to implement the High Speed ​​Train Project, you have to consider important engineering criteria and develop projects to nurture it in line with these criteria. You cannot implement the Tren High Speed ​​Train adına project to speed up political and economic rents.

First; high-speed trains require high-speed railway lines. The UIC (International Railways Association) and the European Union define the definition of “High Speed ​​U on the same basis. The UIC High Speed ​​Department and the European Union's 96 / 48 and 2004 / 50 / AB directives have defined a number of systems under the high speed heading. The lines under the conventional (Fr. Standart) determined by these definitions are considered as kalan Traditional-Classic (Fr. Conventional) Bu.

There is no single standard definition for high-speed rail concept. The definition of high velocity varies according to some criteria (Fr. criteria) because it offers a compound (ie complex) structure. In order to prevent noise in areas where there is a high number of people (Ar. Population), it is seen that speed is restricted to 110 or 160 km / h in some areas with special tunnel and long bridges with 180 km / h in terms of capacity and safety reasons for high speed lines.

1. In terms of infrastructure
The infrastructure of the line is defined as X High Speed ​​Line üz if it is newly built to allow trains to be operated at speeds of 250 km / h or more.

2. In terms of Pulling and Pulling Vehicles
Ir High Speed ​​Train Tren is a set of fixed-geared motor and wagon sets that can reach a speed of at least 250 km / h used in commercial services.

Differential Properties of High Speed ​​Trains;
There are many technical features that distinguish high-speed train lines from conventional (Fr. Conventional) lines. Due to the increase in speed, the trains are faced with some physical and electrical difficulties and the high speed train lines are of great importance for the use of trains which will be able to be safely used at high speeds.

High-speed trains in the world, a significant part of the countries that run fast 350 km / h speeds do not pass. Japan, having a different technology, using the magnet technology on the special rails, the train (Maglev train) proceeding without contact with the rails 2003 581 in a speed / km speed record.

Road vehicles that do not comply with the warning signs lead to the railway and cause accidents to occur.

The high-speed train lines are surrounded by wire fences or walls to eliminate the risks of animal or human transmission.

The infrastructure of the high-speed railway lines, the materials in line with the international standards are combined with the latest technology of the railway and the railway (Fr. Platform) and art structures (tunnel, bridge, viaduct etc.) are constructed.

When the two high-speed trains run past each other, the speed difference between them can reach up to 600 km / h. That's why the width between the lines is important. If the two trains pass too close to each other, they are subjected to an air pressure at the first encounter and immediately after this pressure decreases. The distance between high-speed train lines to eliminate pressure differences is greater than that of conventional / conventional (Fr. conventional) lines.
Curve (Bend) radii used in high-speed train lines to achieve high speeds are larger than conventional lines.

The tunnels in the high-speed train lines are constructed according to the high speed in order to eliminate the high pressure created by the trains passing through them in two directions. There are fire and ventilation systems in the tunnels (TCDD-quote).
Taking these criteria into account, you need to implement the fast train project. And you have to agree with the countries that know this business, who have developed the high-speed train technology, and you cannot implement this project with collecting technology such as China and its insufficient engineers.

If you are sincere in this project; Solve the Moon Tunnel problem. Because 64 annual Ankara-Istanbul Speedway Railway Tunnel Project has been abandoned by the AKP.

The construction was started in 1976 and has been left to rot in the Ayaş Tunnel, which has so far fallen to the fate of the Xyax government, until now. The 22 bin 10 is not completed even though the eight-kilometer portion of the Tunnel is over. I wonder why? In the days following the accelerated speed train projects in Turkey, Ayas Tunnel project had been implemented, it will shorten the distance between Ankara-Istanbul kilometers and would land about 65 146 hours.

It is said that; Biz It is best to reach Istanbul via Ayaş, but we; We realized the Eskişehir route because it has other functions ı What are those functions? I think it's a return function. If you, arası This line will be connected to the e Konya-Ankara High-Speed ​​Line Line yıl, which operates in the middle of 2011, and will be connected to Bursa and Izmir routes. Until 2023, Konya line will be extended to the Mediterranean Sea, ie Antalya. If 2012 will be completed by the end of the year, you are saying wrong. Can you create the same network from the line on the Ayaş tunnel? No, we're not going to turn our ears in the name of getting someone.

I; 1950 since transportation is a communist concept, saying shifted Turkey's railway network do give my knitting.
While the Black Sea coast road is being constructed; Lar By the method of seaside crossing, let's go through the road and run parallel road to Batumi sağ, we said, ”We are not taken seriously.

Think ; The coastal cities are linked and connected to the Erzurum-Kars-Iğdır-Ardahan-Van via Artvin Cankurtaran tunnel

The contribution of Arhavi-Hopa-Batumi Railway to this region.

After such project; Believe that Arhavi-Hopa geography would double Batumi in every way.

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