International High Speed ​​Seminar started in Ankara

The International High Speed ​​Seminar, jointly organized by TCDD and the International Railways Association (UIC), which forms the organizational framework of the world's railways, started. High speed systems in railways are discussed in the seminar attended by many experts from Turkey and abroad.

In order to meet the regional training needs of TCDD and the International Railways Association and to develop cooperation, the Eskişehir Training Center, which was decided to be the Middle East Railways Training Center (MERTCE), was held in the Eskisehir Training Center and the High Speed ​​Committee Meeting. Seminars, as well as Turkey, Spain, Germany, Japan, France, the Czech Republic, which joined experts from the European Railway Agency with UIC and Portugal, High Speed ​​Train (YHT) is taking over all aspects. In his speech at the opening of the seminar, TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman stated that under the leadership of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Binali Yıldırım, railway transportation has once again become a state policy. one foot in the core of this policy is to create a High Speed ​​Rail network expressing Karaman, Turkey's east to the west, he said they want to spend their speed rail line north to the south.


Stating that by 100, the 2023th anniversary of the Republic, they will construct 10 thousand kilometers of high speed train and 4 thousand kilometers of conventional lines, Karaman also renewed 70 percent of the existing railway network and renewed the remaining part of a modern, comfortable and working railway network. reported that they will make it. Stating that the vehicle fleet was renewed to a great extent, the efforts to make the existing roads with signal and electrification continue, Karaman said that since 1950, as if the railways would never develop, organized industrial zones called land or dry ports were built outside the railway routes, now these production centers and organized industrial zones are on the railways. He stated that they have speeded up their efforts to connect

Suleyman Karaman, Turkey Railways in parallel to the great strides in recent years, an increasing number of important events held in Turkey on an international scale was noticed. Stating that one of them was the High Speed ​​Seminar, the first of which was held in 2007, Karaman stated that the Middle East Railways Training Center (MERTCE), which they opened with UIC in Eskişehir, started training two days ago. Karaman noted that railroaders from abroad will come to this center to meet the needs of the region and receive training.

In MERTCAN starting High-Speed ​​under the umbrella of the Seminar, Turkey, as well as Spain, Germany, Japan, France, Czech Republic, Portugal and UIC and the European Railway by experts participating in the Agency will be addressed in all aspects of high-speed trains expresses Karaman, information and He expressed that experiences will be shared.


Stating that they do public opinion surveys from time to time to learn the opinions of citizens about the high-speed train, Karaman stated that according to the latest research, 80 percent of the citizens want YHT in their own province regardless of the price. Noting that 90 percent of the respondents stated that they were very happy to travel with YHT, Karaman said that 90 percent of them saw YHT as an indicator of development and stated that they were proud.

On the other hand, Ignacio Barron, UIC High Speed ​​Director, underlined that there are important technological developments in the railways. Stating that the development of high speed is of great importance, Barron said that TCDD is the best place to do this. Underlining that TCDD has made a great leap forward at high speed, Barron emphasized that experts from all over the world who came together at the seminar would exchange information and discuss the high speed. Barron thanked TCDD General Manager Karaman for his contribution and efforts.

domestic and international experts participating in the seminar, high-speed vision-related business in the world and Turkey, strategic elements for high-speed, high-speed development of technology systems, will discuss issues such as safety and security. On the second day of the seminar, strategic issues related to high speed stations, high speed and environment, high speed standards-technology transfer, research and innovations, safety and security in high speed systems will be discussed. On the last day of the seminar, a technical visit to the high speed construction line will be made with foreign guests.

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