IETT buses 'three doors' period

IETT General Manager Hayri Baraçlı stated that they place great importance on passenger satisfaction as an institution and the dik three doors önem period will start on IETT buses.

Ali Kuş from Yeni Şafak newspaper, IETT General Manager Hayri made an interview with Baraçlı. IETT'in management building, the interview with the General Director Baraçlı Ali Kuş'ya answering questions in the interview, "IETT next year from the bus" 3 door to the door, 3 door through the project "self-control" will be launched. An electronic card reader will be placed on all doors of the buses. In this way, passengers can only ride on the bus from all doors, not through the front door, which is under the control of the driver. Bu

Public transportation is a culture
IETT General Manager explaining that public transportation is a culture. Hayri Baraçlı said, “With this application, passengers will be able to get on and off the bus through three doors by reading their cards. We are currently making preparations for this. ” Baraçlı asked the question, `` What if it passes without having a card read? '', "We trust the people of Istanbul. Our citizen reads his card. Let's say a citizen got on his card without having it read. Nobody dared say anything. Other passengers looked over the face of the building without having it read. It would be one, two, and third would be difficult. ”

We will reveal social trust
Noting that the passengers can get on and off the buses with the `` Get on 3 doors, Get on 3 doors '' project and there will be no control for the middle and rear doors, Baraçlı stated that they continue the technological preparations of the project. "We will do the experiment of the project on the 86V line bus on the Eyüp-Vezneciler route." Baraçlı said, "We want to try and see the application in a short line and identify the problems. We plan to expand this to all lines. ” Explaining that the waiting time of the buses at the station will decrease thanks to the application, Baraçlı said: It will be a very comfortable work. We will have developed the public transportation culture. As a public institution, we will have created social trust. This is the most critical point. There are two models of control in the Japanese. One is self-control and the other is follow-up. Self-control is to control one's own mistakes, and follow-up control follows each other. We will start implementing this project in 3. ”

Bank accounts will be foreclosed
Explaining that they will impose fines for those who pass without a card and that the collection of fines will not be a problem for them, General Manager Baraçlı said that they collected the penalty from a citizen who destroyed the stops. Baraçlı continued as follows: “We have another application. Let's say I have no money. It may have no money. With the decision of the court, the bank accounts of the person who says I have no money will be foreclosed with the TR identity number. When the bank deposits money for the first time, the money will be in our account. We do not want to harm the passenger, but to collect the damage he caused. Therefore, we can collect the penalty in the 3-door stroke and riding incident. ”

Bus route application will become widespread
Hayri Baraçlı said that the bus line project that they started on Fatih Millet Avenue and Bahçelievler Şirinevler-Mahmutbey Road in the morning and evening hours will also pass from the trial phase to the implementation phase. Stating that citizens using public transportation are very satisfied with the application, Baraçlı said, “We have received very positive reactions. We want to encourage public transportation with this application. We want to be able to travel faster by public transportation. If your travel time is shortened thanks to the reserved road, you prefer it. Reserved roads are used in Europe and other countries of the world. We will expand the project in 7 points up to Tuzla on other lines. ” said.

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