IETT is suing untrue and false travelers

IETT is preparing to open new lawsuits on travel card users by using travel card belonging to someone else or by editing fake handicapped reports, fake student documents, and those traveling by jumping from turnstiles during various actions and demonstrations.

IETT, who captures those who travel free of charge by committing these crimes, or identifies them after the incident, initiates legal proceedings against them. IETT has filed 2006 receivables and 26 criminal cases from 54 to date to prevent fraudulent trips and collect damages. 31 of the 26 thousand lira 12 debt cases were concluded and IETT collected 8 thousand 212 lira from creditors. Five of these lawsuits filed by IETT resulted in conviction.

The following are the cases that resulted in conviction and conviction: The defendant's friend's police identity card with a photocopy of the metrobus stop free, while trying to get the name of the defendant's free travel card to the school's list of applicants by printing their name, exit and sold used tickets to try to sell or as a fake The cases were opened for reasons such as detecting free boarding of buses using the regulated police identification card, and the defendants were sentenced to 2008, 2010, 2011 and 2012.

Between 01-06 September, IETT determined meetings and demonstrations at various stops and stations of public transportation with Mecidiyeköy metrobus station and those who encouraged others to make illegal passes by preventing illegal passes and protecting the rights of citizens traveling by paying their money. filed a complaint against the prosecutor's office on September 05-11, with two separate criminal complaints.

IETT General Manager, who made a warning for citizens not to be victims. Hayri Baraçlı emphasized that people who travel by purchasing a personal travel card from IETT should not use their cards to others, “Traveling by fake documents or using someone else's card is a crime according to the law. We initiate judicial proceedings against those who travel fake and irregularly by resorting to such roads. We have to protect the rights of our passengers who travel by paying their fees. We ask our passengers to be sensitive about this issue and not to respect irregular transitions. ” said.

Source: Cihan

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