Government moves to restructure TCDD

The government has taken action to restructure TCDD, which connects Ankara to Eskişehir and Konya with high-speed networks.
According to the plan, which the economy management has been working on for some time, new strategies will be determined in order to reduce the financial burden of the railways that have been developing in a Ekonomi fast Ekonomi way in the last years.
Together with these efforts, the service quality of TCDD, which is always referred to as'n land train ılan image, will be increased. All the strategic instruments are undoubtedly going to benefit Ankara at first.
Parallel to the locals
I should also remind that the government will implement new targets for the development of railways, such as traveling by airplanes, which take off in recent years. As you know, Ankara has a heavy traffic for its trade in the coming period.
Ankara, the city can win the title of the most export to Turkey's future lies in the center of this project that best uses its logistical advantages in addition to having a great chance to increase the export movement here.
Capacity increase is a must
Considering the determination of this issue in the light of local government statements, it is of great importance to complete the High Speed ​​Train Station and increase the capacity of Esenboğa Airport.
At the same time, local policies parallel to the government's medium-term targets need to be developed rapidly.

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