How to solve the transportation problem in Bursa?

Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Bursa Branch President Ibrahim Mart, said in a statement today, ada Bursa can not be solved. Just let's do this with your mind. The subject of transportation is a subject to our field due to our profession. Bursa transportation is not one of the important problems of Turkey. 17 million vehicles in Turkey, we look 250 thousand population compared to the number of vehicles falling. Today, the EU average is around 580. When we look at the number of vehicles in Turkey in Europe is not very much. Even in Bulgaria, the 450 vehicle falls to a thousand people. We are even behind Bulgaria. In Bursa 2 million 800 thousand population, the number of vehicles 600 thousand around. The average number of vehicles in Bursa, Turkey with roughly the same situation. Why are we having problems with transportation and traffic even though we have a small number of vehicles? What is the basis of the transportation problem? I need to look at him, Ona he said.

Pointing out that there is planning on the basis of transportation problem in Bursa, President Mart said, dikkat We have been missing from our past since we have a master plan. From time to time, no success, lacking. Another issue is about our choice in transportation. We made an incorrect choice in transportation. We prefer more individual transport. In fact, as an international power in Turkey because of the effort to ensure we gain through our country we've opted to road transport. We have made our investments on the roads and we have been instrumental in the growth of the problems. Sürekli

Ibrahim Mart underlined that cargo transportation is of great importance as it is an industrial region of Bursa.
. In order to solve our transportation problem, we need to consider them well. In general, public transportation is preferred in freight transportation. Turkey also prominent issues in recent days, is slowly beginning to be understood public transportation. When we look at the types of transportation, our country owns road, rail, sea and airway facilities. This 4 element must be used in an integrated manner and not in a way that interrupts each other. Similarly, this issue is in Bursa. The biggest misfortune of these types of transportation in Bursa is the lack of railway. Railway is very important for intercity transportation. Demiryolu

Emphasizing that people should be preferred in urban transportation, President Mart said, esi Transportation in Bursa should be safe, accessible and cheap. In order to solve the transportation problem, people should be priorities, not politics or rent. We need to deliver people, not the vehicle or the load. Public transportation should be supported. Politicians aren't really brave. In a city, transportation is attempted to be solved only in the mayor's headquarters. Prior to the elections, potential voting circles, such as trades or public potential, are prominent. This is why the plans are scheduled. A mayor wants to do as much as possible in his time. In doing so, it carries the concern of votes. Municipalities do not seem to be able to solve the problems due to this concern, Bel he said.

. Taxi, minibus and bus shopkeepers should be the people of 5 bin 10, but not the tradesmen or dolmus shopkeepers. So you need to look at the vast majority in solving problems. In the city center you can walk around the taxi free of charge but minibuses, dolmushaksi, shuttle minibuses and buses, school and workers carrying S-plate service vans should definitely not walk around. So unless you take these precautions, the problems will grow exponentially as you continue to put them into the city center Yani.

Noting that taxiing is not a profession, Ibrahim Mart said,, Taxi drivers, dolmudsaks, minivans are looking at this job as bread money. They shouldn't forget that taxi is not a profession. He's a chauffeur, and he can do the driver elsewhere. The person who invested in a cab is already in possession of most taxis. Another error is the sale of S plates by the municipality. The reason for this is, 'These are already working, let's get income'. This is wrong. S-plate sales must be stopped immediately and even sales must be canceled. In our city, we must interfere with the disruptive elements. It's the law, but you don't enforce the law. You're stretching the law, the other side is taking advantage of flexibility, this time you're not punishing. But you're working on a crime. This needs to be abandoned Bundan.

Pointing out that special vehicles should be made difficult for urban centers, Mart continued his words as follows;
Otopark Looking at the city center, the municipality is parking garage. This is wrong. Metropolitan Municipality should immediately abandon this practice. There are parking lots that need to be removed albeit periodically. As long as you allow parking in the city, you cannot relax in the city center. Public transportation must be popularized. Actually, the remedy is in the rail system. Rail system is a system that is too late, it needs to be expanded rapidly. Ray

Stating that transportation should be cheap, President Mart said, “But we have a serious mafia in the city. There's a mafia in the taxi, and the vans. So even if you go out and enter so expensive, it's so hard. There will be no taxi service, because the neighborhood is necessary to provide individual transportation. However, there is no such thing as a foolishness. These must not be. Taxi or minibus mafia in Bursa is difficult. They have pressure on politics. How to prevent mafia? In fact, this is not only in Bursa, Turkey's problem. Other facilities are provided to provide taxis, minibus or minibus trades. They should also help to relax transportation için.

President Mart stated that the projects that increase the traffic problem in the city center should be avoided. “When starting these projects, participatory professional chambers, scientists, universities should be included. Location selection is very important. Your project can be a great project, but after a while you can explode. We always say. It is not right to make a shopping center in the city center. Density increase. These are things that affect the future of the city. You have set up a shopping center in the terminal. Then he needs to get off that terminal. He can't handle the shopping center now, but the terminal will get out of there. The terminal was troubled because of precariousness. The terminal needs to be moved to a suitable location for the structure of the city, Kent he said.

Noting that Bursa may become uninhabitable, President Mart said the following;
Önemli Urban transformations are very important. 2,8 million inhabitants of Bursa, 600 thousand vehicles. I'm scared, Bursa can become uninhabitable. Therefore, we should do our planning by paying attention to population growth and considering transportation problems.

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