From Historical Ankara Train Station to Konya

There is a busy crowd despite the early morning hours at the historic Ankara Station. The black train is on the road. He's replaced by a white high-speed train. First, Eskişehir passengers move, then the passengers of Konya. The two trains are full. We are passengers of Konya high speed train.
The railway station built at 1937 was built on almost the same dates, and we reached the high-speed train in about 2 hours. It is planned that this period will be reduced to one and a half hours after regeneration on the rails. Here are short notes from the trip to Konya:
The train is extremely comfortable, although the dining compartment does not look like the alk gar restaurant iyle before, and responds to any kind of request with its hot, cold and alcoholic drinks.

We are learning that the new stop of the high-speed train in Sivas is Sivas.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's “10 years have been woven with iron. It is obvious how unfair the debate started with his words. In the early years of the Republic, would there be a high-speed train if there were no railroad tracks? I think.

Mevlana tourism in Konya continues to take. The hotels are full. Mevlana's shrine is flocking to local and foreign tourists. Despite the ongoing arrangements in the museum and around the 1 million 100 thousand visitors as of August came.

There is an awesome gift shop at the exit of Mevlana Tomb. We visited the museums of the museums we went abroad for many years. Now, Bilkent Tourism Construction and Trade Inc. Bilkent Culture Initiative (BKG) operated by the store is not to be admired.

BKG up to 2016 years 55 museums in Turkey 57 33 shops and cafes, the management of the museum has received the tender. High Advisory Board members Dr. Nurhan Atasoy, Halil İnalcık, Doğan Hızlan, Talat S. Halman. When they see these names, the reason for the quality of the works arises.

Working with designers close to 20, BKG has a total of 14 thousand products. China is not produced in Turkey. Gold, silver jewelery Favorite work of famous jewelers like.

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